Windows 10 Hidden Features You probably Don’t know

Night Light Settings

Microsoft is gradually adding more and more features in Windows 10 to enhance user experience. Many features of Windows 10 from Microsoft Edge to Cortana, you may have already noticed and using them. But there is always a lot of things to learn about Microsoft Windows 10. Windows 10 has many hidden features and tricks … Read More »

How to activate Special folders or Secret GOD mode in Windows

God mode

If you have already used Windows previous versions like Windows 7 or Windows 8, you may know the “GOD Mode” or enabling special folders. It seems, GOD mode is available in Windows 10 too. GOD mode in Windows is basically a Windows control panel shortcut folder to give easy access to all windows settings. God … Read More »

Best Gmail Tips and Tricks to get most out of it

New Gmail

Gmail is one of the most prominent free email service provider. Gmail has more than 1.2 billion active users.  Recently Gmail rolled out new Gmail user interface with new features. Gmail’s new features and design changes from time to time keeps adding more users. But users may not familiar with all features of Gmail. You  … Read More »

How to Send Large Files in Gmail

Gmail with Google Drive

Sending files, photos, videos, documents through email is a great way of sharing information but most email services don’t allow large attachments. It’s very convenient to send files as attachments along with emails but many time our files size exceeds the limit. Normally File size limit doesn’t allow us to send very large files as … Read More »

Send Email from Different Addresses using Single Email Account

Send Email from different Email addresses

Managing Multiple emails is overwhelming task. You may be sending emails regularly from multiple email addresses of yours. Usually users need to logged in to their account from which they want to send email. You  too may be getting logged in to your personal account or work email accounts to send emails one by one … Read More »

WhatsApp rolled out New Features for WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group has always been the best thing in WhatsApp. With WhatsApp groups family members, friends gets connected together and can chat in group. Furthermore, school and institutes can create WhatsApp groups to stay connected with parents and can deliver messages to them in one go. As Group is an important part of WhatsApp, therefore … Read More »

Windows 10 Timeline : Everything you should know about it

Timeline is one of the best feature from Windows 10 April 2018 update. Windows 10 Timeline allows to pick up from past where you left out even from across devices. So you can resume your recent activity from PC or phone instantly without any effort. As this is a new feature added in Windows 10 … Read More »

How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook

Delete FB

You may be worried about recent Facebook data breach that may stimulate you to delete Facebook Account. Although you can tighten up the Facebook security to keep your data safe, but if you think that doesn’t work for you then you can easily delete or deactivate Facebook account. Whatever may be the reason, if you … Read More »

Google’s New Gmail has Fresh Look and New Features

New Gmail

Recently Google announced New Gmail having fresh look and new handy features with advanced security. These Gmail features are worth trying. With redesigned Gmail on web, it allows doing much more. Gmail’s new advance security features keeps your data safe. Google’s artificial intelligence allows to remain on top of email without much effort. Although Google … Read More »

How to Activate Slide To Shutdown for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Slide To Shutdown in Windows 10

Slide to Shutdown feature is an interactive speedy way to shutdown your touch enabled or even for non- touched Windows devices. Microsoft first introduced this feature in Windows 8.1 and now it is still available in Windows 10. However this feature is hidden, but you can easily activate it . Slide to ShutDown works the … Read More »