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Know saved Wi-Fi password

How to know saved Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Do you always forget the password of your Wi-Fi and now your friend is asking? You want to connect some other device to Wi-Fi, but you don’t know the password. You don’t need to worry, if in past you ever connected your Windows 10 device to Wi-Fi. You can easily know saved Wi-Fi password. Ways …

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How to share live location through WhatsApp

Live location sharing with our friends and family is what we need in our every day life. You are going to some party, meeting or you are staying away your family, you can let your loved ones to keep track on your location. Sharing live location feature helps in easing our life. This awesome feature …

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Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

How to Use Android Smartphone as Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspots are the wireless access points that provides internet connection to laptops, mobiles, tablets and more wirelessly. In public locations we generally don’t have any internet connection in our devices like laptop or tablet. At that time public Wi-Fi hotspots works like a charm. By connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot we can access the internet …

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Android smartphone

How to Resolve ” insufficient storage available ” problem on Android

  Are you trying to install an app on your android smartphone but it is showing “ Insufficient storage available ” error ? This is because your phone is running out of space. You may have SD card storage space available in your phone but still you are seeing insufficient storage available error. This is …

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customized email

Top 5 Customized Email Providers for your Domain

Customized email address is a must have requirement for business.  Either you have small business or a big enterprise having customized email address best suits for both. You may be thinking what is customized or personalized email address? What is Customized Email Address? When you create email address with free email services such as Gmail, …

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candy crush saga only me

How to Block Candy Crush Saga or Other Facebook Apps Request

On Facebook you may be annoying by Candy Crush Saga other Games or apps request on your friends’ behalf. Facebook Apps or games used to send invites to your friends on your behalf if you are using those Apps. So same thing happens when your friends are using apps then you gets invites of games or …

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Google URLs

Top 11 Important Google URLs Every User Should Know

Are you a Google user? If yes then have you ever think how much information of your Google stores and how you can access that. Do you know Google stores whatever search term you typed on Google bar? Do you know how to see that when and where you accessed your Google account? Here is …

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Google maps

Google Maps Night Mode for iOS is an eye comforting feature in night

Google Maps new update for iOS includes night mode to ensure easy navigation in dark. Those who have already experienced driving at night and using Google Maps for navigation, know how difficult it is to look at Google Maps bright interface when it is dark outside .Google Maps Night Mode for iOS resolves this problem. …

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wireless mobile charging monitor

Samsung Unveiled World’s First Wireless Mobile Charging Monitor

Samsung introduced SE370  monitor having wireless charging pad built into its plinth by which all mobile devices that use the leading Qi wireless charging standard and other Qi-compatible gadgets can be charged wirelessly. It would be the World’s First Wireless Mobile Charging Monitor revealed by Samsung Electronics. Monitor is available in 23.6 inches and 27 inches …

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Trips bundle

Google Inbox top 8 tips & tricks to make your life easier

If you are unfamiliar with Google Inbox, It is a new app from Gmail team. Google Inbox is a new email app Introduced last year in October for Android, iOS as well as the browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Previously it was invitation only that means if you want to access Google inbox you required an invitation. But this year …

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