10 Free Apps for iPhone You Must Have

free apps for iphone

There are more than 1.2 million Apps available in the Apple App Store now. It became really difficult to find useful free apps for iPhone and other Apple devices. We did some research and identified following 10 free apps for iPhone which are very useful and shouldn’t be miss out.

1. SnapGuide is an extremely user friendly collection of how to guides. You can look them up or create your own. The app is well categorized and includes recipes, music lessons, gardening, arts & crafts and many more.

2. WeChat is an all in one app for texting, video and voice calling, and group chats. It has a walkie talkie feature as well as a huge selection of emoticons to choose from. It does use your phone plans data, but it can also be used through WiFi.

3. Jelly is a social app that allows to take a picture of something and ask a question about it that can then be answered by anyone else using Jelly.

4. Wikitude is a great travel app. It lets you know what restaurants, bars, or events are going on around you based on what it sees through your camera. You can customize it to tell you specific information if you are looking for particular nearby businesses.

5. AddApt deletes the hassle of contacting all the people you know every time your address or phone number changes or any other piece of your contact info. Simply update your AddApt profile and all your friends and colleagues have to do is sync to get your new info.

6. FileThis is great for keeping track of financial documents or any other kind of paper work you may have trouble keeping organized. You can take pictures of receipts and documents or have bills imported from the web. FileThis makes your important easily searchable by keyword.

7. Shazam will identify music it can hear playing and let you know what it is. So when you hear a great song but have no idea who the band is or what the song is called, Shazam will let you know.

8. Bump allows you to tap to phones together to transfer data. From photos to cash, transfer data easily to a friend or your pc.

9. Ebay has its own app now. Keep track of anything you are selling or bidding on and never worry about not being home in time to catch a closing auction.

10. Groupon is a great mobile app that allows you to find coupons and deals at restaurants and other venues even if you are already at them.

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