10 Hidden Features of Google Chrome You Must Try

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been steadily gaining in the browser market share since its launch in 2008. Its simplicity and feature-rich interface caused a lot of users to switch from other popular browsers to this Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome browser includes a ton of features that make it easier to use than ever and much more customizable. Here’s a few features you should definitely try out:

  1. Pin Tabs – If you tend to keep Facebook or Gmail open on your browser all the time, you can now pin it to save space. Just right click on a tab, hit “Pin Tab” and the tab will become a tiny favicon tab and kept itself to the far left of the browser to save tab space. You can also create application short cuts for your most frequently used sites. Use this on those tabs that you never close (Facebook, Gmail, etc. for instance). 
  2. Stack Tabs – For when you have so many tabs open, you can’t read which is which anymore, tabs are now stackable in order to keep you better organized. To enable Stacked Tabs, open a new tab in you Chrome browser and enter “about:flags” in the URL. It will display all the flags, you can find “Stacked Tabs” and enable it.. Once it is enabled, the tabs won’t shrink and will stack on top of each other when space runs out. 
  3. Task Manager – By pressing Shift+Escape or click on Tools -> Task, you can pull up Google Chrome’s own task manager, so that you don’t have to close all your windows if only one is really causing problems.
  4. About Memory – The about memory page allows you to see which of your browser processes are consuming more or less memory so that you can maximize your browsing speed. To open Chrome’s About Memory page, open Chrome browser and enter “about:memory” in the address bar.
  5. Application Shortcuts – You can create application shortcuts from webpages in Chrome by clicking on “Tools –> Create application shortcuts”. You can chose to create these application shortcuts on Desktop, Start Menu, and Taskbar. This option could be used for sites that you use frequently and need them open all the time..
  6. Drag and Drop Downloads – When your download is ready, you can drag it from the bottom of your browser right to the desktop or anywhere else you need it to go. If a download gets interrupted, Google Chrome will automatically get it restarted for you.
  7. Address bar does Quick Calculations– The Address bar has doubled as a search bar for a while now, but did you know it can also do math. Just type in an equation and let Google Chrome give you the answer. Open Chrome and enter an equation, lets say 40*50 and enter, it will give you result which is 2000 in this case.
  8. Generate Passwords – This feature is in Chrome’s list of experimental features that “may bite”. If signed into Chrome, this will automatically generate passwords for you when you are creating accounts. Coupled with the auto-fill feature, creating new accounts has never been this easier.
  9. iPad Interface – Google Chrome gives you the option to view some sites as the iPad version, even if that isn’t the device you are using. If you are a mac user, you have an additional option to view your tabs as tiles. Please refer this link to see how to enable iPad interface in Chrome browser.
  10. Incognito Mode – If you open Chrome tabs in Incognito mode, you can stop Chrome from storing information about your browsing. Bookmarks will be saved, but not history. To open a tab in Incognito Mode, press Ctrl+Shift+N or click on “Chrome Menu -> New incognito window”.

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