How to Activate Slide To Shutdown for Windows 8.1 and Windows 10

Slide to Shutdown feature is an interactive speedy way to shutdown your touch enabled or even for non- touched Windows devices. Microsoft first introduced this feature in Windows 8.1 and now it is still available in Windows 10. However this feature is hidden, but you can easily activate it . Slide to ShutDown works the the same way you used to power off your Windows mobile devices in which you used to press the power button and there you can slide down the screen to switch off your phone. As Microsoft is trying to reduce the gap between mobile phones , tablets and PC. So they are adding Mobile like features in Windows PCs too and Slide to Shutdown is one of them. To know more hidden Windows 10 Tricks Read Here.


Slide to Shut down is a hidden feature for shutting down your PCs, or tablets by sliding down the screen .It shows half of the device screen covered with Slider having down arrow. You can slide down that slider and shut down your device easily and quickly.

Slide To Shutdown in Windows 10


To see hidden Slide to Shut down feature you will need to first create shortcut for it. Here are the steps.

Exe for Slide to shut down exist in C:\Windows\System32 folder. So you can create Shortcut directly from Desktop or you can go to folder for SlideToShutdown.exe and send that to Desktop. Both Ways are given below.

First Method to Enable Slide to ShutDown

  • Go to Windows Desktop and right click or press and hold above it.New Shortcut
  • Choose New > Create Shortcut. Then in Shortcut window type “C:\Windows\System32\SlideToShutdown.exe”.Shortcut Location
  • In Next Window give name to this shortcut and Click on Finish. You can see created Shortcut in Desktop. Double click on it if you want to shutdown your device.Name for Shortcut

Second Method to Enable Slide to ShutDown

  • Go to the folder “C:\Windows\System32” and find “SlideToShutdown.exe”.
  • Right Click on Exe and select “Send To> Desktop(Create Shortcut)”.Slide To ShutDown
  • In Desktop you can find shortcut for Slide To Shutdown.

Whenever you want to shutdown your PC. Just double click on Slide to Shutdown shortcut and then slide down the display that covered half of the screen. Your Windows device would be shutdown. If don’t want to shut down then click some where else in screen but not above slider display otherwise it will shut down your PC. Before using this feature make sure to save your data so that by mistake you don’t loose anything.

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