Advanced YouTube Search Tricks to Explore YouTube Effectively

YouTube owned by Google, is a most popular video streaming online service. Almost everyone who is Active online, has YouTube Account. If you are also regular YouTube user, this article is for you. YouTube has huge number of videos. So Searching desired videos in YouTube can be sometimes tedious, if you don’t searches in right way. By using Advanced YouTube search tricks you can get precise search results, exactly what you want. Here are few YouTube search tricks to refine search results.YouTube Search Tricks

Use Double Quotes for Exact Search

For getting search results having exact keywords, put your search term inside Double Quotes.  For example if you are looking for Hollywood songs. Then enter “Hollywood Songs” in search bar.Exact search

Use “intitle:” to find videos whose Title contains search term

If you want to view only those videos whose title contains search term then put “intitle:” before search query.

Example –

intitle:Jurrasic park

InTitle Search

Use YouTube Filter to narrow down search results

YouTube has inbuilt filter functionality. You can easily apply filters while searching in YouTube.

On entering text in search box and hitting the search icon , YouTube shows search results with “Filter” icon at top.  To filter search results further , click on filter icon and select  filters from filter window. In Desktop you can find filter icon below YouTube search bar once you enter text in search box. For YouTube App find Filter icon as shown in second image below.YouTube FilterYouTube Filter for App

Here is list of filters that you can apply.

Filter By Upload Date : You can refine search results by video uploaded date. Suppose you want videos that uploaded this week only then select “this week” option from Filter window. Options for Filter by Upload date are

  1. Last Hour
  2. Today
  3. This Week
  4. This Year

Filter by Type : Under this category you can find content by their type. Options by Type are

  1. Video – To find videos
  2. Channel – Find YouTube channels related to your search query.
  3. Playlist – Find all playlists related to search term.
  4. Movie – To Find Free as well paid Movies.
  5. Show – To find shows.

Filter by Duration : With this filter you can get videos as per length. If you want only lengthy videos choose option Long. Options for filtering results according to length are

  1. Short – It shows videos whose length is less than 4 minutes.
  2. Long – It shows lengthy videos whose length is more than 20 minutes.

Filter By Features : 

  1. 4K
  2. HD
  3. HDR
  4. Subtitles/CC – Shows videos whose Subtitle or closed caption is available.
  5. Creative Commons – Shows videos marked under Creative Common licence.
  6. 3D
  7. Live – Shows Live streaming videos
  8. Purchased
  9. 360° – YouTube now supports 360 degree Videos. In 360° videos you can be view in every direction using arrow keys.

Sort Videos : You can sort video list by upload date, view count or rating.

Directly Filter by Appending Filter Tags To Search Term

If you want fast searching, you can apply filters directly without choosing from filter window. To apply filter append filter tag to your search query with comma next to the search term. For example if you want to find only lengthy videos then append comma followed by “Long” to search query. If your search query is  “kids cartoons” then to get lengthy cartoon videos type –

Kids cartoon, Long

Long Video SearchExclude Results from Search

You can exclude results from search by using dash(-) operator. Suppose, you are searching for “Hollywood songs” but don’t want playlists, then you can exclude playlists from search results by entering following query in search term.

"Hollywood songs" -playlist

Fill in Blanks with Asterisk operator

Fill in blanks in query with Asterisk operator to get all possible search results.This Search trick is useful, If you are not sure what words to type in starting, ending or in middle of the query. You can always use operator Asterisk(*) instead of any word. Asterisk operator works  as a wildcard.

Example – 

Top * in world

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    • Peter Nelson on August 8, 2018 at 2:42 am
    • Reply

    You said, “To filter search results, click on filter icon and select search filters from filter window. In Desktop you can find filter icon below YouTube search bar”

    I see no filter icon. I’ve tried with 2 different browsers – Firefox and Chrome – and two different PC’s – Windows 7 and Windows 10. I’ve tried both logged-on and not logged on.

    Youtube has lots of really old low-resolution videos (240p and 480p) that I’m just not interested in finding in my search results. so I want to filter them out of my searches.

    1. Did you entered the text in search box for what you were looking? Filter icon becomes visible only to filter the search results further.
      So please Enter the text in search box and click on search icon. Once you click on search icon YouTube shows search results with filter icon at top left corner below the search box.

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