Rare Apple 1 Computer sold at auction for $671,000

apple 1 computerSummary:

  • Rare Apple 1 computer sold at auction for $671,000
  • Original Apple 1 Computer costs $666
  • Around 200 Apple 1 Computer were built, and only 6 models are thought to be in working condition
  • November last year, another Apple 1 Computer was sold for $640,000

One of the first Apple computer ever made has been sold for $671,000 on an auction held on May 25, 2013. The auction was carried by a German auction house.

It was a rare Apple 1 Computer which is still in working condition. Apple 1 computer is the first desktop computer built by the tech giant Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in a family garage.

On November last year, one of the working model of Apple 1 Computer was sold for $640,000 by the same auction house. It has broken its own record this year.

Apple had developed around 200 models of Apple 1 computer. It is believed that 50 models out of 200 are still exists out of which only 6 models are in working condition.

The original Apple 1 Computer costs $666 and consisted only of a circuit board. The case, keyboard and careen were sold separately.

The New York Times reported that the buyer wants to stay anonymous, but is a wealthy entrepreneur from the “Far East.” The auction was held on May 25, 2013.

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