Best Gmail Tips and Tricks to get most out of it

Gmail is one of the most prominent free email service provider. Gmail has more than 1.2 billion active users.  Recently Gmail rolled out new Gmail user interface with new features. Gmail’s new features and design changes from time to time keeps adding more users. But users may not familiar with all features of Gmail. You  too may be familiar with Gmail’s basic features but there can be many more features as well as tips and tricks that you may not acquainted with. So in this blog we will be covering best Gmail tips and tricks to get most of it.

Gmail Tips and Tricks

Gmail tips and tricks, we are mentioning below helps you to master Gmail. You may be using Gmail to just to send emails but by end of this article you can effectively use your Gmail to increase productivity. So keep on reading this blog to become proficient Gmail user.

Switch to New Gmail

Recently in April 2018 Google introduced new Gmail with completely new design. It also rolled out new features for better accessibility, security and productivity. You can get to know all these new features and tips and tricks by reading Gmail’s New Features.

Anytime if you don’t like new Gmail, Google lets you to switch back to classic Gmail. If you haven’t try new Gmail read How to Switch to new Gmail and know it’s new features.

Preview Pane in Gmail

Preview pane in Gmail preview emails while you can still keep on browsing emails. Gmail’s Preview pane shows whole message of selected email as well as lets you to reply, forward, delete and much more. After enabling Preview pane you can split your Gmail screen either vertically or horizontally. One pane shows Inbox whereas another pane shows preview of selected email.

Preview pane in Gmail remains disabled by default. So to view pane it needs to be enabled.

Enable preview pane in new Gmail

  • Go to Settings> Advanced tab.
  • Scroll down to “Preview Pane” and enable it.Gmail Tips and Tricks
  • Scroll to bottom and click on “Save changes” button.

In classic Gmail you can enable preview pane from Setting> Labs tab.

Once Preview pane gets enabled, it shows new icon for “Toggling Split pane mode” at top of your inbox. Click on icon and choose where pane should appear.Preview Pane Toggle IconEmail Preview

Type Emails in your native or other Languages

Do you need to get in touch with your loved once in your native language as well as with international clients in their language? Google makes it simple to type emails in different languages. In Gmail you can type emails in different languages. Here are the steps to enable this feature.

  • Click on “Settings icon” in top right corner of  the Inbox. From menu choose “Settings”.
  • In “General” tab of settings navigate to “Language” section.
  • Click on “Show all Language options”.Gmail Language Settings
  • Check the “Enable Input tools” box.
  • From “Input Tools” box double click languages that you want to move to “Selected input tools” box.
  • Click on “OK” button.
  • Scroll down in settings page and hit the “Save Changes” button.
  • To choose language in which you want type your email, click on “Input Tools On/Off” button at top right side of inbox. Choose language from drop down.Switch On Language Input tools

Easily Search Emails

Searching emails is straightforward in Gmail. Just enter text in search box at top and hit Enter key. It shows all relevant results matching the text in search box. Gmail also lets you to filter search results so that you can easily find exact emails. To apply filter click on “Down arrow” before search icon. Clicking the down arrow of Gmail search box shows Filter window. From Filter Window, apply filters and click on search icon to get more exact matches.Gmail Search

Read and Respond to Emails without Internet

What if you have don’t have internet right now and still you want to access emails from your computer. You may want to reply the emails so that your email gets send as soon as device gets connected to internet. For instance, you may be in flight and want to work on the way. So Gmail allows offline access to you emails stored in your computer. It also allows to draft new emails, or reply to emails. Emails sent in offline mode goes to “Outbox” and once you gets online, emails will be send automatically.
This feature is available only in New Gmail but still for classic Gmail you can in install the Gmail Offline Chrome App.

To use Offline mode you would have to enable it. Here are the steps to enable offline mode.

Enable Offline mode in New Gmail

  • Go to Settings and click on Offline Tab.
  • Click on tap on checkbox “Enable offline mail”.
  • Scroll down to “Sync Settings” section and select days from dropdown to select no days for which you want store emails.
  • From “Security” section choose the option as per requirement.
  • Click on “Save changes” button.Gmail Offline Mode
  • Next Google warns you “Offline not recommended for shared devices. Click on “Got it” button.

Enable Offline mode in Classic Gmail

For classic Gmail you would have “Gmail Offline Chrome App”. To install go to Settings > Offline tab and click on “Install Gmail Offline”.

Send Large Attachments through Email

Attaching files to email is an excellent way of sharing information. But emails do have attachment size limits. So it becomes impossible to attach very large files in emails but with Gmail you can send very large files with help of Google Drive. You can upload your files to Google drive and then can attach link to those files in your email. Read more to know How to send very large files in Gmail.

Send Emails from Different Addresses

Are you managing more than one account and you need to send emails from those accounts? Getting logging to each account for just sending emails is time taking. What if you can send emails from different email addresses using only your Gmail account? Gmail allows to send emails from different addresses. For the same you would to add email addresses to your Gmail account and then after verifying you can easily send emails from that email address. To know more read How to send Emails from different addresses using Gmail.

Undo Send your Emails

Undo send feature in Gmail is my favorite one. Many times after sending email, suddenly you realize that you did some typo mistake or forget something to mention in your email. At that time you can easily undo send your email within the specific time limit as per settings. You can choose after how many seconds your email gets delivered so before the time lapse, you can undo sending your email.

In New Gmail “Undo Send” feature is always enabled and you won’t find any option to disable it till now. While in Classic Gmail you needs to enable “Undo send” feature to use it.

Here is how to use undo Send feature.

New Gmail

  • Go to Gmail Settings.
  • In General tab of settings, scroll down to “Undo Send” section.
  • Set the time for what you want to delay sending email.Undo Send Settings
  • Gmail shows box to “Undo send” email in left bottom side, just right after you send any email. Click on “Undo” button in box to cancel the email sending.Undo Send Email

Classic Gmail

In Classic Gmail you needs to enable “Undo send” feature. To enable go to Gmail Settings > General Tab. Scroll down to “Undo Send” section. Click on check box to enable it. Choose the time for what you want to delay sending email. In Classic Gmail each time you send any email, it shows option to undo send email on top.

Sign to To Different Accounts All at Once

Gmail allows to sign in to multiple Gmail accounts all at once. You can easily switch between various accounts without signing in again and again. This feature is available in both Gmail app as well as Gmail in browser.

Gmail App

  • Login to any of your Gmail account through Gmail App.
  • Click on Menu Icon in Gmail app.
  • Click on Drop down arrow next to your profile name from Menu and select “Add Account”.
  • Add your another account.

Gmail in Browser

  • Login to any of your Gmail account.
  • At top right corner of Gmail, click on your profile photo then click on “Add account” button.
  • Login to your account.Add Multiple Gmail Accounts
  • Follow the same steps as above to add more accounts.
  • To switch between accounts, click on profile picture and select the account to which you want to switch.

Create an Email Signature

In Gmail creating signature is piece of cake for you. Without much effort you can add your name, photo, company logo, slogan with formatting in your Email signature. Just go to Settings > General tab and scroll down to “Signature” section. If you are using “Send As” feature that means you are sending emails from different accounts, then you can set different email signatures for each account. Select account for which you want to create digital signature from drop down. If you are having any issue in generating email Signature, you can click on “Know More” link below signature. Once you have created signature, click on “Save Changes” button at bottom.Email Signature

Create Multiple Signatures

Creating Multiple Email Signature using canned response is my favorite trick among all Gmail tips and tricks. Multiple Signatures are very much required when you are sending different types of email. While you are sending emails to your client, then signature may contain your Name, Company Logo, Contact no, Company Slogan etc. For friends, family members you may want different signature. There can be many more different types of emails for which you may want different signatures.

In Gmail for same account you can create multiple signature using canned responses. So first you will need to enable Canned response feature. To enable it in new Gmail, go to Settings > Advanced Tab and in “Canned responses(Templates)” section click or tap on Enable. For Classic Gmail, you can enable Canned response from Settings>Labs tab. Scroll down to save changes.

Here are the steps, to create signature using canned response.

  • Compose New Email.
  • Type your Signature and format it the way you want.
  • Click on “Three vertical dots” for New Gmail or “Down Arrow” for Classic Gmail on bottom right corner of email you are composing.Multiple Email Signature
  • Click on Canned Responses> New Canned Responses
  • Enter the name for your canned response and click on save.
  • Next you can send email at the same time or can close the compose window, as your signature has been save in the form of canned responses.

To use multiple signature you created using canned response, compose email and click on “Three vertical dots” for new Gmail or “Down arrow” for classic Gmail on bottom right corner of Compose window. Next go to the Canned responses > Insert from opened menu and choose your Signature.

Create Email Templates

Many Emails which you are sending may have same email formats. Typing those same type of emails every time is time taking. In Gmail using canned responses same as we mentioned above for creating multiple signature can be used for creating email templates as well. Whenever you want to send email, just select created template from canned responses. Creating Email templates would have the same steps as we mentioned for multiple Digital signature .

Change Background of Your Gmail Inbox

In Gmail you can easily add or change the background theme of your Inbox. To change theme go To Settings > Theme tab and click on “Set Theme”. From Theme Window select theme. It shows, Theme in background when you click on any theme. Click on “Save” button if you liked the chosen theme otherwise click on “Cancel” button. Google also lets you to upload your photo or edit existing theme photo to some extent. Click on “My Photo” button at bottom left side of theme window to select your own background image.Set Gmail Theme

Smart Reply to respond emails faster

When you reply to some email, Gmail shows suggestions for reply based on email you got. If you want reply fast, simply you can choose from Google suggestions and reply smart. These suggestion are termed as smart reply. Google shows these smart reply suggestions based on the text of email you are replying. Smart reply suggestions are shown at bottom of email thread you are replying to. Click on any suggested phrase to add in your email.Smart Reply

Select Contacts Quickly

If you are sending email to many persons, you can click on “To” field of email. When you would click “To” field of Compose Window, it shows Contacts window from where you can choose contacts quickly. Check the box for contacts to whom you are sending email. Once you have selected contacts, click on “Select” button on bottom of contacts window.Contacts Window

Create Contact Group for Contacts you email frequently

Do you send emails to same people frequently? You need to type email id for every person in To field each time you sends email. If you are sending email to same people all the time, it would be best to create contact group. After creating Contact group, instead of typing each email id you would have to just type contact group name in To field of email you are sending. This way you can send email faster as well as you would not miss any email id in To field. Contact group also helps in organizing contacts giving you an easy access to reach everyone right away.

Contact group can be created at the same time when you are sending email as well as from Google contacts. Gmail allows you to create contact group at same time when you are sending email so that when next time you email to same people all you need to just select contact group. Here is how to contact group and use it.

  • Compose email and in “To” field enter email ids.
  • Click on “To” Field. On clicking it shows contacts window.
  • If you want to choose more contacts, check the box next to contact.
  • Once you have selected contacts to whom yo want to send email, Click on “Save as Group” button at bottom and name it.
  • Click on close button and send your email.

Next time  while sending email, just enter created group name in To field.

Move Chat Window to right side of Gmail Inbox

Normally Gmail chats appear in left side of Gmail Inbox below menu. But if you like, you can move your Gmail’s chat window to the right side of Gmail Inbox. To move chat window to right side go to Settings> Advanced tab. Scroll down to “Right side chat” section and enable it. Scroll to bottom and click on “Save changes” button.

Gmail’s Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

You can work fast in Gmail using keyboard shortcuts. You can not only use preset default keyboard shortcuts but also customize them. Remapping keys according to your comfort for different Gmail actions helps to do tasks quickly.

To customize Gmail’s keyboard shortcuts you needs to enable it first. To enable go to Settings > Advanced tab. Scroll down to Custom Keyboard shortcuts section and enable it. Save the changes you done. On enabling Gmail shows new tab in Settings named Keyboard shortcuts. From Keyboard shortcuts tab you can remap the keys.

Conclusion :

In this blog I tried to list best Gmail Tips and Tricks as well as features. Few features I have already mentioned in blog New Gmail Features. Any queries regarding this article are always welcome in comment section.

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