Best Spy apps for Android 2018 to keep an eye on Someone

You may want to track your loved ones for their safety or if your spouse is cheating on you or for some other reason. Nowadays almost everyone, always keeps phone with them. So spying on someone though phone is the best option. There are many spy phone apps in the web market, some are free and some are paid. But there are quite an number of top spy apps for Android that you should consider. Mobile spy apps allows to keep a watch on someone’s location, call logs and more without being detectable. We have revised and gathered some best spy apps for Android that will surely help you out.

Why to use Spy Mobile Apps?

Best Free Spy Phone Apps

Best Paid Spy Phone Apps

What Mobile Spy Apps Do?

Installing mobile spy apps is a smart way for spying on someone’s activities. Everyone owns smartphone and many of them are android users. Smartphones have pros as well as cons. Your child might be using smartphone and hence there are chances to head in wrong direction. So Spy phone apps lets you to keep track of activities on target phone like phone calls, SMS, monitoring websites visited, social media activities, applications installed and deleted and much more. There can be many reasons, you may want spy apps for android, such as monitoring usage of phone by your child, catching a cheating spouse, tracking use of company provided smartphone to employees and more. So for any good reason you use Spy phone apps but don’t use them to be a James bond like person. That can put you in trouble.Spy Apps for Android

Best Spy Apps for Android

Here we are providing our list on best spy apps for android. List includes paid as well as free apps. You can choose according to needs. Although the paid apps are best as you gets everything in one apps and they are all hidden too. But if you don’t want to invest any money, you can use free mobile spy apps too which can help you in keeping watch.

  Free Android Spy Apps :  

  Apps to Hear Sounds Louder  

There are few really usable apps that makes the sounds around you louder by magnifying it. These apps are the best way to hear the conversations in the next room. Therefore you just need to put your phone in silent mode in the next room and with headphones you can listen all talks. Although it’s bad to listen somebody’s private conversation but you can use spy apps in positive ways. Furthermore these apps can also be used for better hearing your phone meeting.

Recommended Apps :

Ear Spy

Ear Spy is a hearing aid application. It amplifies the the soung around phone to make them louder. This app is also helpful for people how can not listen well. Features of this app are

  • Built-in mic catches Sounds from distant sources.

  • Works in background

  • Noise suppression

  • Echo cancellation

  • Over-Amplifier

Super Ear Hearing Agente

This is also a hearing aid amplfier same as Ear Spy do. Features of this app are here.

  • Works in background

  • Can be used as microphone for PC

  • On removing Headphone automatically shutdowns.

  • Provide user notifications

  Secretly Record Videos or Take Photos  

Do you want to record videos secretly when someone is blackmailing you or some wrong thing is happening in front of you. With spy camera you can secretly record video without letting anyone noticing you. These app allows to record video in background while still you can use your phone normally. They allows recording just one touch without making any noises.

Recommended Apps :

Smart Video Recorder

This is for recording video in background while still using your phone normally. With just One touch it offers instant video recording without any camera shutter sound. Although its not a spying app but you can use it to secretly record some wrongdoings around you. Features of this app are below.

  • Record unlimited video

  • One touch access

  • No camera shutter sousnd

  • Records continuously even on switching off phone screen

  • No video preview

  • scheduled recording

Spy Camera OS 3

This has same features as above above mentioned app with some additional features. Additional features are as below.

  • Burst shot

  • Hide folder

  • Auto email sending

  • Custom file name format

  Record Phone Calls  

Recording phone calls is helpful for keeping track on your child while he is using your phone. It can also be used if someone is blackmailing you on phone or for buisness purpose. These apps automatically record incoming as well as outgoing calls on your phone.

Recommended App :

Automatic Call Recorder -Spy HQ

It is easy to use app and your recordings remain safe. Recording does not gets saved in third party server. Features of this app are below.

  • Auto record any call

  • Allows enabling/disabling recording

  • Quick recording search

  • HD quality record

  • Allows setting recording in private mode.

  Tracker for Couples  

Couple Tracker Free – Cell phone Tracker & Monitor

This is a great app for catching your cheating partner. This app is especially relevant to couples for keeping track of each other in real time by monitoring, sharing or exchanging phone call history, SMS, GPS location history, Facebook comments or likes and much more. If your partner deletes SMS or call history, then also he can not hide them from partner as couple tracker is very fast.

  Paid Spy Apps for Android :  

If you want to spy on someone seriously then paid spying Apps for android are best. These apps are generally all in one and and hidden. So you will not have to install different apps for different tasks. These paid mobile spy Apps will be undetectable too. So nobody will notice that you are spying. App will run in background without user knowing about it. For using spying app you should have access to target device so that you can install the app on that device. Target Android Device may need to be rooted. Here are few best Android Spy Apps.


This is a great parental control solution for parents. It supports both iOS and Android. So with SpyZie you can always know whats going on with your kids. It lets parents to monitor children’s phone in real time. It can track all kinds of data like GPS, messages, Call logs,Social apps activity, internet activity, multimedia files and more.


TruthSpy is popular phone tracker or mobile tracker. It suits for your whole family. You can spy on children, lover, Husband or wife or any other closed person or employee without letting them know about it. It is a hidden mobile spy app. TruthSpy also let you try app for 48 hours free. Features of this app are below.

  • Manage and monitor calls

  • GPS location tracking

  • Internet activity monitoring

  • Control Remotely

  • Record SMS messages

  • View multimedia files, contacts, notes and more

  • Auto-answer(Spy call)

  • 100% Undetectable

  • Support for Android/iPhone/iPad


This app is one of best Spy App for your Child. Mspy is available for phone as well as computers. It is powerful parental control app. So you can track all activities on target phone that your child or closed-one uses. You can view all incoming as well as outgoing call history as well as block any unwanted number from reaching your child. You can Track text messages including social media messages, Track child GPS location, block apps on phone, monitor internet activity, read emails and much more. So this app is all in one child parental control apps and app is totally hidden.

Mspy is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.

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