How to Block Candy Crush Saga or Other Facebook Apps Request

Candy Crush SagaOn Facebook you may be annoying by Candy Crush Saga other Games or apps request on your friends’ behalf. Facebook Apps or games used to send invites to your friends on your behalf if you are using those Apps. So same thing happens when your friends are using apps then you gets invites of games or Apps on their behalf which many times irritates you. But don’t worry there is way to stop notifications from these apps and even you can control to not to send any app notifications on your behalf to your friends. Here is how you can block Candy Crush Saga or other Facebook Apps request.(Also see Read Oldest or First Message On Facebook without Scrolling)

Block Candy Crush Saga or Other Facebook Apps Request

There are two ways to stop getting notifications form an App or a game such as Candy Crush Saga. One is to turn off notifications without blocking an App. For this you will have to wait until you receive an app request from which you want don’t want to get notifications further. Whenever you get that notification just hover your cursor over that notification. On hovering you will see “X”. Now Click on that “X”. Clicking on it will ask you whether you want to turn off notifications from this app or not. Click on Turn off.  After turning off you will not get any notifications further from this app.block facebook notificationturn off facebook notificationsturn off notificationsAnother way is to completely Block an App. Once you blocked an app, that app will no longer be able to contact you or get any non-public info about you. So blocking an App stops them to send you notifications or invites. But whenever you make your mind to use that app or play that game you can unblock them by clicking on Unblock next to App name in Blocked Apps.

Here are steps how you can Block Candy Crush Saga Or Other App Requests on Facebook.

  1. Open Web browser and sign in to your Facebook account.facebook settings
  2. On the top right of Facebook screen click on Downward Arrow.
  3. Click on Settings. blocking
  4. Settings menu will open. Find Blocking Tab on Right and click on it.block candy crush saga
  5. Now Scroll Down. You will See Block Apps. Here type the name of App or Game you want to block and then press enter. For example here I am blocking Candy Crush Saga.unblock candy crush saga

Block All Apps Request from a friend completely

If you think that you are getting so many apps invite from particular friend because he play games too much or use so many apps which irritates you and you don’t want to get those apps notifications from that friend then you can block that particular friend from sending you apps invite or notifications. By doing this you’ll automatically ignore future app requests from that friend. To do this go to Settings and Click on Blocking .On right side Find Block App invites. Here type your friend name and Enter. In future if you decide to unblock that person and let him to send you invites, you can click on Unblock next to your friend name under Block App invites. By doing this you will start getting app invites from that friend again.(Also See How to Delete Facebook Search History?)

block app invites

Stop Facebook App from posting on your behalf

Just like App requests from your friends behalf annoys you. In the same way your friends may be getting irritated by apps invites and notification from games that you play or apps that you use. If you want to stop sending invites by apps that you use or game you play, you should set that App visibility to Only Me. To do this go to Settings and choose Apps tab. Now find that App for which you want to stop sending invites on your behalf. Click on that App. In opened pop up click on drop-down next to App Visibility. Set it to Only Me and save it.(Also See Facebook’s News Feed “See First” allows to choose which posts come at top )

candy crush saga only me

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