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How to Send Large Files in Gmail

Gmail with Google Drive

Sending files, photos, videos, documents through email is a great way of sharing information but most email services don’t allow large attachments. It’s very convenient to send files as attachments along with emails but many time our files size exceeds the limit. Normally File size limit doesn’t allow us to send very large files as … Read More »

Send Email from Different Addresses using Single Email Account

Send Email from different Email addresses

Managing Multiple emails is overwhelming task. You may be sending emails regularly from multiple email addresses of yours. Usually users need to logged in to their account from which they want to send email. You  too may be getting logged in to your personal account or work email accounts to send emails one by one … Read More »

WhatsApp rolled out New Features for WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group has always been the best thing in WhatsApp. With WhatsApp groups family members, friends gets connected together and can chat in group. Furthermore, school and institutes can create WhatsApp groups to stay connected with parents and can deliver messages to them in one go. As Group is an important part of WhatsApp, therefore … Read More »

How to use Windows Ink Workspace in Windows 10

Microsoft is continuously adding new features and improvements in Windows 10 on regular basis. Windows Ink Workspace was added by Microsoft in Windows 10 Anniversary update. It supports creating sticky reminder notes, sketches, taking better screenshots. It lets you turn your thoughts into writing or drawing right into your PC. What is Windows Ink Workspace … Read More »

How to Use Android Smartphone as Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspots are the wireless access points that provides internet connection to laptops, mobiles, tablets and more wirelessly. In public locations we generally don’t have any internet connection in our devices like laptop or tablet. At that time public Wi-Fi hotspots works like a charm. By connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot we can access the internet … Read More »

How to Resolve ” insufficient storage available ” problem on Android

Android smartphone

  Are you trying to install an app on your android smartphone but it is showing “ Insufficient storage available ” error ? This is because your phone is running out of space. You may have SD card storage space available in your phone but still you are seeing insufficient storage available error. This is … Read More »

Google Inbox top 8 tips & tricks to make your life easier

Google Inbox

If you are unfamiliar with Google Inbox, It is a new app from Gmail team. Google Inbox is a new email app Introduced last year in October for Android, iOS as well as the browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Previously it was invitation only that means if you want to access Google inbox you required an invitation. But this year … Read More »

How to Turn Off Apple Music’s Auto-Renewal

Apple Music has been launched across the world on 30th June. Apple gives you 3 months free trial to this streaming music service. When you sign up for Apple Music, you have two options to choose – $ 9.99 for individual per month $ 14.99 for family up to 6 accounts per month In both … Read More »