How to Delete Facebook Search History?

Facebook is world’s largest social network and has more than 1 billion users as of now. Facebook users are from all age groups ranging from students to retired people. Facebook is a very rich social media platform and offers plenty of features and capabilities. However a normal user uses only very limited features. Sometime a user want to perform something or want use a feature which exists in Facebook but he or she doesn’t know how to do that. I thought of identifying such features and capabilities of Facebook and share with my fellow Facebook users. In this post I am going to address how to delete Facebook search history.

Please follow below steps to delete your Facebook Search History:

Step-1: Login to your Facebook Profile and go to Activity Log page by clicking on “View Activity Log” link which is there on top of your cover photo.

delete facebook search history - 1

Step-2: Go to left hand menu on Activity Log page and click on “More” link which is just under the “Photos,” “Likes” and “Comments” link.

delete facebook search history - 2

Step-3: Now scroll down the expanded navigation list and locate the “Search” link which is at the bottom.

delete facebook search history - 3

Step-4: Search page will show you your Facebook search history sorted in date order. Now to delete search history, simply click on “Clear Searches” link which is placed at the top right.

delete facebook search history - 4

Step-5: Now you will see a pop up to confirm for clearing searches. Click on the “Clear Searches” button in the pop up.

delete facebook search history - 5

Step-6: You are done. Your Facebook Search History is cleared successfully.

delete facebook search history - 6

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  1. Very informative thanks alot

    • HD on July 11, 2014 at 8:56 pm
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    Yes, but how to get rid of the names in your search bar if you dont want them to be there?

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