Facebook Face Recognition Feature notifies your Presence in Photos on Facebook

In Dec 2017, Facebook announced new optional feature Face Recognition to help people manage their identity on Facebook. Now Facebook is silently rolling out this Face Recognition feature continuously to users. Yet, Facebook Face recognition feature is not available for all users, but you may be the lucky one who has seen the notification from Facebook about face Recognition.

Facebook Face recognition technology scans the pixels in photos in which you are already tagged in. Then it generates a string of numbers, which is called template. Next time when ever someone uploads photos or videos in Facebook, with this technology Facebook compares those photos to template to recognize if you are present in photos. Facebook have already rolled out Face Recognition feature widely across the countries. If Facebook Face recognition feature has been rolled out in your account, you may have seen notification from Facebook as shown in below image or you can check within Facebook settings.Face Recognition Notification

How Face Recognition helps to manage your Identity

Introducing Face recognition technology by Facebook is an innovative step. Although there are many persons who are worried about privacy due to this feature but Facebook claims to protect their identity even more. Facebook Face recognition notifies your presence in photos uploaded by someone else even when you are not tagged in. It recognizes when you appear in photos or videos and lets you know about it. So you can reach out to that person. You can ask him to tag you in photo or to remove uploaded photo from Facebook. You can also report Facebook about misuse of your photo.

Another Face Recognition’s benefit is Profile Picture safety. It prevents others to use your photo as their profile picture. Facebook Notifies users if  some else is using their photo as profile picture.

For Visually Impaired persons, Facebook’s Face recognition technology is very helpful . Persons with vision loss can use screen readers, by which they will be able to know who are in photos in their news feed even if people are not tagged in.

How to turn off Facebook Face Recognition feature

By default, Facebook face recognition will set to off, if tag suggestion settings for account in set to none. Otherwise by default Facebook will set Face Recognition to ON and Facebook will recognize and notify your presence in photos or videos by comparing them to your profile picture or with photos in which someone tagged you.

If you don’t like, you can always turn off Facebook Face Recognition feature. To turn off face recognition feature I am mentioning the ways for both Facebook app and Facebook website.

Turn Off Face Recognition Feature in Facebook App

Users can turn off face recognition feature in Facebook app by diving into Face recognition feature within account settings. Here are the steps.

  • For Facebook android app, tap on three horizontal lines in top right corner. For Iphone tap on three horizontal lines in bottom right corner.
  • Next for android scroll down to find “Account Settings” and tap on it. For iphone tap on “Settings” and then choose “Account settings”.
  • In account setting you may see “Face recognition settings” if it is available to you. Tap on Face Recognition settings.Facebook Face Recognition
  • Tap on “Do you want Facebook to be able to recognize you in photos and videos”. Set it to “No”.

Turn Off Facebook Face recognition Feature through desktop

    • Open Facebook website and login to your account.
    • Go to Facebook settings by clicking on down arrow on top right corner.
    • In Settings you may see “Face Recognition”. If it’s available for your account, click on it.
    • Click on Edit and choose “No” from dropdown.Facebook Face Recognition in desktop


Face Recognition is being extensively used to provide bio-metric presence. Now Facebook is also rolling out this feature to bring people more closer, provide them safety, preventing people from impersonating. But Facebook is not forcing this feature to users, you can easily  toggle on or off this Facebook Face Recognition feature as per your desire.

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