Facebook’s News Feed “See First” allows to choose which posts come at top


Do you always miss a post from your best friends or you always keep on scrolling to see posts that you really want to see at top in your news feed. Then the Facebook introduced a very exciting feature for you. Facebook’s News Feed “See First” allows you to choose whose post you don’t want to miss.  News Feed control called “See First” allows users to force it to display posts from certain friends, every time they post, before you see anything else. It gives you better control on your news’’ feed.(Also see How to Block Candy Crush Saga or Other Facebook Apps Request )

The Facebook’s News Feed “See First” lets user to prioritize their friends so that they can see their posts at top of news feed according to prioritization set.

Facebook Product Director Adam Mosseri told BuzzFeed News ,“The idea is that if I ‘See First’ my wife, every time she posts, her thing is going to be at the top of my feed,”.

But till now “See First” feature is only available for Facebook app on iOS devices. According to reports, you will see this feature on desktop, android and other devices in next few weeks.(Also see Read Oldest or First Message On Facebook without Scrolling )

 How to Use Facebook’s News feed “See First”

                                                                     see first featureFacebook's News Feed “See First”

  • Launch Facebook App on your iOS Device.
  • Tap on More Button on Bottom Right Corner.
  • Menu will open .Now Scroll to the bottom of the menu. Find News Feed Preferences and tap on it.
  • Here you can choose whose posts you want to “See First”.


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