Facebook Tricks, Tips, Features & Hacks to get most out of it

Facebook also called FB is the most popular social media platform among all age groups. It has millions of users till date. Many users are so much addictive to it that they get logged in to Facebook many times a day. Facebook has many features that make it easy to use and interesting. But there are many hidden Facebook tricks and tips too, by which you can use Facebook more efficiently.

You may be familiar with Facebook’s basic features, if you are regular Facebook user. But there are many magic Facebook Tricks that you may not aware of.  For newbies to Facebook, as well as regular user this post will help you learning more Facebook features as well as Facebook tricks. So to get most out of Facebook, follow these latest updated Facebook Tricks and Tips.

 Save Facebook Posts to View Later(Same as   Bookmarks)  

This Facebook tip, to save posts is really useful if you want to view some posts later. Whether it’s a video that you want to watch later or it’s some interesting or favorite post, Facebook lets you to save that post so that you can easily find later. It’s same as you bookmark pages.

To save post or video, click on three horizontal dots on top right corner of post or video. Next, click on “Save Post” or “Save Video”.Facebook Tricks

You can find saved posts under “Saved” in Facebook menu.Facebook Saved Posts

 Stop Seeing Posts from Someone  

Some friend’s posts can be tiresome usually, and you may wish not to see them in your news feed at all. You can’t unfriend him as it will make you feel bad, but you can Unfollow your friend. This way you will not have to follow his posts and he will be in your friend list as well. Unfollowing some person, page or group is the best way to stop seeing all posts from some person.

To unfollow your friend, Go to his profile page, and from “Following” dropdown, choose “Unfollow”.Unfollow Friend

 Snooze Your Friend for Some Days  

When you don’t want to unfriend or unfollow your friend, but still want to stop seeing his posts for some time, snoozing him is the best way. Snoozing is a really cool Facebook feature, as without your friend, group or page knowing, you can stop seeing their posts for 30 days. Snoozing is a temporary way to stop seeing posts from some friend, group or page. The person, page or group to which you have snoozed would not be able to know about it.

To snooze some person, group or page, click on three horizontal dots in top right corner of any of his post. Then choose option to snooze that person, group, or page.Snooze Facebook Friend

You can end Snoozing any time when you want to see his posts again. To end snooze go to his profile page and click on Snoozed drop down. Next Click on “End Snooze”.End Snooze

 Get Notified who is Posting your Photos but not Tagging

Recently Facebook brought Facebook Face Recognition feature. On enabling this feature you can know if someone posted your photos but not tagged you. Facebook notifies users whenever some photo of them gets uploaded by someone else. So that you can asks other to tag you or to delete your photo. Read more here.

 Logout Facebook Remotely if you have forgotten   

You can always logout of Facebook remotely from any device. Facebook allows ending all opened sessions of your Facebook account in any device remotely. This is very useful if you accessed Facebook account on someone else device and forgotten to logout. “Where You’re Logged in” in “Security and Login” within Settings shows where your you are logged in to your Facebook account. From here can logout. Read More here.

 Use Account Switcher to Switch Accounts Fast  

Account Switcher feature by Facebook is great for switching Facebook accounts quickly. If you have allowed Facebook saving password in your browser, then switching will be very simple and fast. You will need to just select the account by clicking on “Account Switcher” Icon. Facebook will show Account Switcher icon on top bar once you have logged in to more than one account on same browser.Facebook Account Switcher

 Access Multiple Facebook Accounts at the same time  

This is an awesome Facebook trick if you have two FB accounts. Although Facebook don’t allow using two Facebook accounts on same device but still there are some workarounds for using two accounts at the same time on same device or browser. To know more read Access multiple Facebook account .

 Mute or Turn off Video Autoplay in Facebook  

Suppose you are checking out Facebook posts in some public place, and suddenly some sounds starts coming from your device. Then people around you may start glaring you. To avoid this awkward condition, Facebook allows muting or turning off Video auto play. You can easily mute or turn off Facebook video auto play in your Facebook mobile app, by going to App settings.

 Download Facebook Data  

Facebook allows downloading a copy of your Facebook data. It’s very helpful when you want to download photos from your account all at once. Downloaded Facebook Data also termed as Facebook archives includes your entire private as well as public photos, messages, wall posts, profile info etc. As Facebook Archive also contains your sensitive and private info, so you should always keep it safe. To download Facebook data, follow these steps.

  • Login to your Facebook Account and go to Settings by clicking on down arrow at top right corner.
  • Click on General.
  • At last, there is a link to download data. Click on ”Download a copy of your Facebook Data” .Download Facebook Data
  • In next page, click on “Start My Archive”.
  • For security reason, Facebook may ask for password. Enter your password and proceed.
  • Facebook will send notification to email when archiving gets completed. After that you can download data.

 Turn off  Notifications You don’t want  

Unwanted Apps notifications are always annoying on Facebook. I used to get many notifications from Candy rush saga game. There are many other apps which usually send many notifications to users. No worry, Facebook grants you to disable notifications from apps or some person. You can also block wanted apps completely. Read more here.

 Delete Facebook Search History  

Whenever you search something it gets stored in your Facebook search History. Many people share their account credentials with their partners and there can be searches that they don’t want to reveal. If So, You can always delete particular as well as entire search history. Here is how to Delete search History.

 Enable Extra Security for Your Facebook Account  

Protecting Facebook account is very essential. Facebook allows enabling extra security to keep your account safe. You can enable two-factor authentication, getting alerts about unrecognized logins and more. Read how to Keep Your Facebook Account Safe.

 Login to Facebook with your Profile Picture for Fast Access  

If Device you are using is completely personal to you, then you should enable to login with profile picture. when you don’t want to enter user id and password each time, for fast access Facebook allows login by just tapping or clicking on profile picture. So whenever you want to login to your profile, you will have to just click on your profile picture. As Facebook password will be saved in browsing on enabling this setting, so be sure that device you are using

To enable this setting, Go to Facebook Settings > Security and Login. Scroll down to Login Section. Click on Edit button for “Login With your Profile Picture”. Edit settings as per your requirement.

 View or Delete Videos that you watched in past  

Did you watched some video and later you want to share or view same video but not finding it in your news feed again? No problem, Facebook keeps tracks of history for videos you watched. You can view videos that you watched or even delete history of videos by going to Activity log.View video watched history

To Find Videos that you watched in past, go to your Profile and click on “View Activity Log”. In side menu within “Filters”, click on “More” to find and click “Video’s You’ve Watched”. It shows all videos that watched in past and you can view them again or you can delete video’s watch history.

Delete or Deactivate Facebook

You may not like Facebook and may want to spend time in real world. Don’t worry, you can easily get rid of Facebook with just few clicks. If you are not sure that you actually want to quit, Facebook allows users to deactivate account and later any time they can reactivate their Facebook account. If you are quite sure you can delete Facebook forever but still you gets 14 days time to rethink about it. Learn how to Delete or Deactivate FB Account.


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