Google Glass Enterprise Edition in Market


Google Glass v2Google Glass is back. Google is working on new iteration of Google Glass, internally referring it as “Enterprise Edition” or “EE”. According 9To5googgle ,Google Glass Enterprise Edition includes a larger prism display, as well as an Intel Atom processor that brings better performance and moderately improved battery life.

It looks like Google Glass Enterprise Edition is not intended for general customers, but for Enterprise workspace.

Google Glass previous Explorer Version had eye strain problems after prolonged use. With large Prism Display Google Glass Enterprise Edition user will able to look more comfortably directly up rather than feeling the need to look up and to the right. In Explorer edition in workplace applications battery life was also a big concern. In Google Glass Enterprise Edition it has been keep in mind and certainly battery life will improve .Device would have an Intel Atom chip which is moderately faster than current top-of-the-line Android Wear smart watches. Also, heat management and overall performance of the new chip is notably better in the new version.

According to 9To5googgle, Google Glass “Enterprise Edition” has support for the 5 GHz band, which was likely added to more robustly support the video streaming enterprise applications that have been so widely developed

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