Google Inbox top 8 tips & tricks to make your life easier

Google Inbox top 8 tips & tricks

If you are unfamiliar with Google Inbox, It is a new app from Gmail team. Google Inbox is a new email app Introduced last year in October for Android, iOS as well as the browsers Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Previously it was invitation only that means if you want to access Google inbox you required an invitation. But this year on June 24, Google announced that the application is officially open to everyone with a Gmail account. This app is focused on improving email productivity and organization by bringing lots of features such as snooze, reminders, bundle similar emails together, pin your emails. If you are already using Google Inbox then here are some tips to make you work smartly and get most out of Google Inbox. If you are not using then you should try it. Here are Google Inbox top 8 tips & tricks.

Redirect Gmail to your Google Inbox in Browser 

Redirect gmail to inboxGoogle Inbox and Gmail both gives access to same email service but in different ways. If you think that for you Google Inbox is better than Gmail, but you are in habit of typing instead of in your browser address bar. Then you can force your browser to take you to Inbox whenever you mistakenly typed You can do this by Going to Settings >> Other in Mark Redirect Gmail To as checked.

Bundle your Messages

Inbox gives you feature creating bundle of same type of messages. It makes your work easier as some messages just belong together and for that you can create Bundle and organize your emails with bundled labels. Some labels like Promos, Social, and Finance are already there and you can create your own custom bundle label too and you have total flexibility which type from which user and which messages comes in your bundle. So you have flexibility in how such emails get partitioned in your inbox.bundle Settingsbundle-add automatically messages

To create new Bundle Go to main menu bar in left hand. Now Scroll down and find + Create new .From here you can create label or bundle. Name your label and save. On saving bundle, Settings for saved bundle will open .In Settings by clicking on ADD you can configure your bundle for automatically adding messages to bundle.

Done mean what Action you want

DoneGoogle Inbox brought new four word feature Done , instead of Read. Once you are done with your email, snooze or reminder you can mark it Done. Once done it will go into Done in the main menu. All Done Items remains in Done in main menu so you can search for them whenever you need them. Marking an email Done in Inbox is what it archives in Gmail.

But If you don’t want this behaviour and want that when you done your mail they go to trash .Then Google Inbox gives an Option how Done will behave. You can set it in Settings>>Other .Here choose Action when Done with Messages .You can chose either Mark as Done or Move to Trash.

For more help On Done Got To Mark Done emails & reminders

Set Reminders

RemindersGoogle Inbox is more actionable. It gives ability to keep track of everything you need to do in one place .You can set reminders for to do things.

You can set time, person, and place-based reminders and you will get notification in all devices where Inbox is installed and you are logged in. You can set your reminder so that it shows up the next time you arrive at home, work, or a specific address .So you get your reminder when you arrive at a place.

For more help Go to Reminders.

Snooze Whenever, Wherever

SnoozeIn Inbox you will see a clock icon next to every mail and reminders. This icon is for setting snooze for your emails and reminders .Google Inbox gives you feature Snooze for emails and reminders to get them out of your way until you’re ready to get to them. So whenever you are ready to check your mail or reminder, it will come at top of your inbox. So this way you can tell Google that you are not ready for mail till tomorrow, next week, or when you get home.

To set this just click on clock icon next to each email and set time or place when or where you want this mail at top of your inbox. Get more help from – Snooze

Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard shortcutsIf you are working on desktop Keyword Shortcuts will surely save your time .To access them Hold Shift and press ? on your keyboard. But for that you will need to enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Settings.

Pin your Emails

Pinned emails are just like bookmarks. Pinned emails are to Google Inbox what starred emails are to standard Gmail. Pinning emails keep them in main inbox, making them easily accessible all time. You can pin particular emails in bundle to show up separately in your inbox as well as bundle. Pinning an email is also a way to bring back mails marked as Done or Snoozed, back to your Inbox.

Organize Trips

Trips bundleGoogle Inbox Given a bundle named Trips to organize your travel. Google recognizes your travel related emails and it bundles emails like flight, hotel, restaurant, and car rental reservations. So By Going to bundle Trips you can quickly access your trip emails all at one place without doing anything, as Goggle Inbox arrange it automatically for you.



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