Google launches 11 New Google Glass Apps

google glass apps

Google has now come up with 11 new Google Glass Apps.

According to CNET, some of these apps are exercise and sports focused, like 94Fifty Basketball that helps the people with the shots; Runtastic that helps users with the fitness goals; the Zombies Run that helps runners to keep going; and that allows users to keep updated with World Cup & other soccer events.

Company also released some music oriented Apps like Shazam, which makes playing music on Glass more easy and seamless, Livestream, which enables live streaming of music from Glass and share the stream with other social networks and also view chat messages from other users. 

Other Google Glass Apps launched by Google includes The Guardian newspaper, GuidiGo city tour guide, Duolingo language learning,, musiXmatch, and Starchart that allow users to map night’s stars, planets and constellations.

A Google spokesperson confirmed that the number of the Glassware Apps in MyGlass Apps Store has now grown by over 80% in the last 6 months, report said.

Also a number of existing apps like the social cooking app Allthecooks, will be getting an update.

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