Google Maps Night Mode for iOS is an eye comforting feature in night

Google maps night mode

Google Maps new update for iOS includes night mode to ensure easy navigation in dark. Those who have already experienced driving at night and using Google Maps for navigation, know how difficult it is to look at Google Maps bright interface when it is dark outside .Google Maps Night Mode for iOS resolves this problem.

Google Maps for iOS has always had a bright interface even at night which makes drivers difficult to switch their eyes from dark to bright .So Google Maps Night Mode gives their eyes a nice comfort by giving dark interface on turn-by-turn navigation mode.

But still there are some users who are not satisfied with this night mode . They want to switch back and forth to day and night mode and absolutely there is no option for them .Google Maps Night Mode is entirely automatic .Whenever there would be night time Google Maps will switch it to night mode automatically. So you have no control over it.   You would not have to switch it off and on in your phone’s settings. Instead, Night Mode will activate automatically in two cases – First when it’s actually night time according to your device clock – not simply when it’s dark outside and Second when turn-by-turn navigation mode is on, not the default maps interface.

Latest update to Google Maps brings out new other features too. Now you can put labels on your places for easy navigation, to see them in your map and in search suggestions. It also brings the ability to edit the captions of photos that you have uploaded to Google Maps.

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