Google Unveils Self Driving Car Prototype | Car without Steering Wheel

Google unveils self driving car prototype

Google has been working on Self Driving Cars equipped with sensors, computer and navigation equipment since 2010. They have been working toward the goal of vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving.

Google announced on Tuesday that they have built a prototype for fully autonomous self-driving car which is built from the ground up by Google and their partners. Till now, Google has driven hundreds of thousands of miles on public roads with Lexus SUVs and Toyota Priuses fitted with the special equipment but this prototype is the first car prototype which Google will have built from ground up for itself.

The driver-less car will not have a steering wheel, accelerator pedal, or brake pedal, because according to Google, “they don’t need them”. Software, sensors, and navigation equipment fitted in the car will take care of all the work.

“Google’s Self Driving Car – No Steering Wheel.
No Accelerator Pedals. No Break Pedals.
Just Sit in the Car, Set the Destination and Go.
Is this the future of Car Driving?”

Google is planning to build around hundred prototype vehicles. Later this summer, their safety drivers will start testing early versions of these cars that have manual controls. If all goes well, then they will run a small pilot program in California in the next couple of years. If everything goes fine and the technology develops as Google hopes, we will see driver less cars running across the world safely.

Watch out short video “A First Drive” from Google, which shows the first impressions of some of the car’s very first public drivers.

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