Google’s New Gmail has Fresh Look and New Features

Recently Google announced New Gmail having fresh look and new handy features with advanced security. These Gmail features are worth trying. With redesigned Gmail on web, it allows doing much more. Gmail’s new advance security features keeps your data safe. Google’s artificial intelligence allows to remain on top of email without much effort.New Gmail Although Google is still in process of rolling out new features but you can try New Gmail right now. May be you can’t see all features but within weeks they will be avaialble for all Gmail users. So you will have to wait for few weeks to try all features of brand new Gmail.

How to Enable New Gmail

To Enable new Gmail, go to Gmail on the web and in top right side , click on Settings. From Settings menu select “Try the new Gmail”. If by any reason you don’t like New Gmail and want to revert back to classic Gmail, Click on Settings again and select “Go Back to Classic Gmail”.Try New Gmail

Gmail’s new Features and New look

As per my knowledge new features and redesigned look till now is as below.

Hover Over to Instantly Take Actions 

Now in New Gmail you can hover over any email to take actions quickly. In Old Gmail, user needs to select or open emails for taking any action on them for example deleting email, marking as read etc. But now in New Gmail with just one click you can perform various operations on email. In New Gmail inbox on hovering above emails, it shows action icons in right side of the emails. So you can click on those icons and take actions instantly. Currently the actions that can be performed without opening or selecting email are as below.

• Archive
• Delete
• Mark as Unread or Read
• SnoozeTale Gmail Actions Quickly

Choose Inbox Display Density 

Google’s New Gmail has fresh look in which you can set Gmail’s inbox display density as you like. You can make your inbox spacious or compact. The Display density setting let users to shrink or expand their Gmail Inbox horizontally. There are three option for display density.

  • Default – Default view is spacious. When user selects default view, it shows expanded inbox with preview of attachments.
  • Comfortable – This view is also spacious but it doesn’t shows preview of attachments.
  • Compact- In this view your Gmail inbox gets shrunk.Display Density

Get More Space by Hiding Menu 

Google has improved it’s Gmail’s menu and came up with modern view. Now users can hide or show the menu that makes Inbox horizontally spacious. To hide menu, click on three horizontal lines icon at top left corner. Click on it again for showing menu back.Show Hide Menu

Use Tasks, Calendar, Keep & more Add-ons Right from Inbox 

Now you can see Calendar, Keep, Tasks & add-ons icons in right side panel of New Gmail. This allows viewing your schedule, upcoming events, creating or editing events, creating checklist and notes, adding deadlines, to-do’s and much more right from the Gmail inbox. You can also add extra Gmail Tools (Add-ons) to manage your Gmail easily and quickly.Add-ons

View Attachments instantaneously 

New Gmail shows all attachments if any right within the inbox below each email. So to open any attachments like photos, documents, users don’t need to open emails. They can just click on attachments from Inbox to view them, without opening or scrolling through large conversations. This feature is available only in Default Display Density.View Attachments

Snooze your Emails Unill you Need them 

Google’s new Gmail grants its users snoozing their emails until they need them. This features helps users to see required emails on the top of Inbox at the time when they really want to see. So with snooze feature, you can temporary remove emails from your Gmail inbox and can see them later when you want. All Snoozed emails can be find in “Snoozed Folder” from Menu.

Gmail sends notification on your mobile for the Snoozed emails at the time for when email was snoozed. Notifications would be send only when notification are turned on.Snooze Email

To Snooze any email, hover over email that you want to snooze and click on Snooze icon on right side. Pick up the date and time and save. Later If you decide to bring back any snoozed email to Inbox, then you can unsnooze that email. To Unsnooze, Go to Snoozed folder, point to the email and click on Snooze icon on right side. Click on “UnSnooze” at the bottom of snooze panel.

Save Time with Smart reply 

Google has already added Smart reply feature for Gmail mobile Apps. But now they are adding it for Gmail on Web too. Smart Reply helps reply to emails faster. It saves your time by showing quick suggestions for responding to email. So even when you are on your way, you can quickly respond to emails without any hassle by selecting the suggestions.Smart Reply

Gmail shows three suggetions for smart reply based on email you recieved, then you can select any one and send email straight away or after editing it by starting with smart reply phrase.

New Security Features in New Gmail

Google always keeps security at top. New Security features make Gmail more secure. Google is introducing new approach to keep users information secure. Here are those features.

Confidential Mode (Set Expiration and Remove option to forward, print, Download or Copy) 

Confidential mode allows protecting email’s sensitive content. Users can set expiration date to emails with sensitive information. There are new Built-in Information Rights Management (IRM) controls within Confidential mode. With IRM you can remove option to copy, forward, print, or download message which makes your email data safe. So the person to whom you sent email can’t shared your data by mistake with wrong people. Soon Confidential mode will available for limited number of Gsuite customers and Consumer Gmail users.Confidential Mode

Security Warnings for Risky Emails 

Google has redesigned security warnings within Gmail to alert users for potentially risky emails in better way. Now warnings are bigger, bolder and easy to understand. These warnings helps users to remain informed when they get potentially risky emails.Security Warnings

Artificial Intelligence Powered Features

Google’s artificial intelligent makes Gmail more productive. It learns the behavior and provide more features as below.

Qucik Reminders Next to Emails 

Nudging feature in new Gmail will allow users to follow up and respond to emails by showing quick reminders next to emails, so that nothing get slips from your mind. Gmail will intelligently nudge you so that you can follow up or respond timely and don’t drop the ball.New Gmail Nudging

High Priority Notification 

For Gmail Mobile App, high priority notifications would be available. This new setting for mobile devices notifies user for important messages to lessen the interruption and clutter.

Unsubscribe Suggestions 

With artificial intelligence, Gmail shows recommendation to unsubscribe from email that you really don’t care about. It will learn based on how many emails from some one you get and how many of them you read. With intelligence ,it will learn and recognize unimportant emails to show recommendation to unsubscribe from that email. This feature will be available in coming weeks.Unsubscribe Suggestions

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    • Harvey N Rubin on June 8, 2018 at 11:50 pm
    • Reply

    I tried the new gmail – love the look and new features. However, while in Settings I can still set the number of seconds to delay sending an email, the button to Enable “Undo Send” is MISSING! Will it be showing up later on? The feature is disabled and I was obliged to revert to the older version.

    1. Sorry for late Reply.
      Undo Send Feature in new gmail remains enabled by default. After sending email you will see notification box in lower left side to undo messages.

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