How to Access Two Facebook Accounts simultaneously on same device

One person can have two accounts, one personal and another for business purpose or for some other reason. Gmail and twitter both allows accessing more than one account simultaneously on same device. But Facebook doesn’t allow this. Either it’s Android, iOS or Desktop, Gmail and Twitter both gives option to add more than one account on same device, So that you can access multiple account easily on same device. In Facebook, to access another account you will need to first logout from existing logged in account then only you can access another account. There are some workarounds that you can follow if you still want to access two Facebook accounts concurrently.

Access Two Facebook Accounts on Android or iOS Device

Use Facebook and Facebook Lite both on your Device

Download and install both Facebook and Facebook Lite in your device. Facebook Lite is the lighter version of Facebook for Devices with very limited memory and data pack availability. This Facebook version uses less data and can work even in bad network conditions but it doesn’t provide rich look as original Facebook App.Access Two Facebook Accounts

You can login to your primary account with Facebook and Login to your secondary account with Facebook Lite. This way you can access two Facebook accounts at the same time.

Switching between Two Facebook Accounts quickly

If you don’t want to install Facebook Lite or any third party app but still want to access multiple Facebook accounts on android or iOS device, then you can just logout from one account and login to another account. But if you can access them in fast way, switching would be easier. Here is the way to do it.

  • Login to your Facebook account on Facebook app. Tap on Three vertical lines and select Logout.
  • Next on Logout prompt, Facebook will ask to save password. Checked the box “Save password to log in easily”.Facebook Logout
  • Next, Tap on Logout button.
  • In same way as above, login and logout to another Facebook accounts.
  • Now as you have saved the password for your Facebook accounts so you can quickly switch between accounts without entering passwords.

Use Multiple Facebook Accounts on Desktop

For desktop, Facebook itself has provided quick way to switch between accounts. You can see, “Account Switcher” icon at top bar after logging into Facebook account. To switch to another Facebook account click on “Account switcher” icon and choose account from list or add another account. Now if you saved password for account, you will not have to enter password for your account while switching.

Note: Account Account Switcher will be visible only if you have accessed more than one Facebook account in past. If you can’t see Account Switcher then please logout of current account then login to other account. After this Account Switcher icon will be visible.Facebook Account Switcher

Account switcher on Facebook is especially useful if you have saved the passwords for your Facebook accounts while login in. Allow to Remember password only if you device is personal. To save password, while switching account checked the box, “Remember password” and then click on login button.

So if password for your Facebook accounts is saved in browser, then for switching between accounts you will not need to logout and then login to another account by entering email and password. Once password for Facebook account is remembered in browser, then just click on Account Switcher Icon and choose desired Facebook account.

Use Normal and Private browsing simultaneously

Every browser now provides private browsing.  In Google Chrome, private browsing can be done through “Incognito mode”. In Mozilla Firefox, Opera it’s called as “Private window” and for Microsoft Edge” InPrivate Window”.

Private browsing completely provides new browsing session. So to use two Facebook accounts simultaneously on same browser, open one account in normal browsing session and another account on private browsing.

Use Different Browsers to use multiple Facebook Accounts

Another way is simple and obvious. You can use two browsers at same time to access multiple Facebook accounts. You can login to your one Facebook account in one browser and another account to different browser.

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