How to Create and Use Google Contacts Group

Typing each recipient email id can be overwhelming and time consuming while composing an email. But if you use Google Contacts Group or Label, composing email becomes easy and fast. Grouping contacts also helps in keeping your contacts well categorized and managed. In this article you will learn how to create and use Google Contacts. For Newer Version Google uses Label for Contacts grouping. So we will use both Contacts Group and Contacts Label in this article.Contacts Group

How to Create Google Contacts Group or Label

Google has rolled out new version of its contacts. Google improved the look of Contacts interface and made it a bit easy to use. In new version, for Grouping contacts Google is using labels. So in I am mentioning the steps for both newer and older versions. Here are the Steps for creating Google contact Groups.

  1. Sign in To Google and open Gmail.
  2. Go to the top, and Click on Gmail Drop-down. To open Google contacts, click on Contacts in opened drop-down .Open Google Contacts

For Newer Google contacts version

3. Select Contacts and click on manage label icon in top bar. Create new label or save contacts under already existing label.Contacts Label

For Older Google Contacts version

3. Select contacts and click on group drop-down. Select existing Group or create new.Google Contacts Group

You are done. While composing email, you can easily fetch contacts by just typing contact group or label name.

How to Use Google Contacts Group or Label While Composing Email

Contacts group is a smart way for saving time. You can cut down the time required for typing each email id one by one each time when you send email to same persons. To use Google Contacts Label or Google Contacts Group Follow these steps.

  1. Open Gmail. Click on compose email.
  2. In recipient Section Type contact group/ contact label name.Use contacts group
  3. As soon as you will type desired contacts group name, all contacts in that group will be fetched in Recipient Section.

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