How to Deactivate or Delete Facebook

You may be worried about recent Facebook data breach that may stimulate you to delete Facebook Account. Although you can tighten up the Facebook security to keep your data safe, but if you think that doesn’t work for you then you can easily delete or deactivate Facebook account. Whatever may be the reason, if you have decided to quit Facebook then this article is for you. Facebook allows to permanently delete Facebook or to deactivate if you are not sure about it. Here are the both options for quitting from Facebook. Also Read Facebook Tips & Tricks.

What to do before Deleting FB Account

Before deleting or deactivating account, you must download your Facebook data. To download FB data go to Settings> General. Scroll down and click on “Download a copy of your Facebook Data”. Other than backing up data you should also check for connected apps.Download Facebook Data

Deactivate Facebook Account

When you deactivate your account it gets disabled and photos and name from most of the things that you shared get removed. Deactivating Facebook allows regaining access to account again whenever you want to. So if you feel that you want just a break from Facebook not to quit it forever, then deactivating Facebook is the best option. Here is what happens when you deactivate your Facebook account.

  • Once deactivated, again you can have access to your account by reactivating Facebook.
  • After deactivating, your Facebook account would not appear in search, So people can’t search for you neither can see your timeline.
  • Some information such as messages or your name in friend’s list will still remain visible.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

  • Open your Facebook account and click on down arrow on top right corner.

  • Select Settings from menu.

  • Within General Settings, Scroll down to “Manage account ” and click on “Edit” next to it.

  • Scroll down to “Deactivate your account” and at bottom click on the link for it to deactivate.Deactivate Delete Facebook Settings

  • In next window enter your password .

  • In next window select “reasons for leaving” and after completing the form click on Deactivate.Deactivate Facebook

How to Reactivate Facebook Account

If you have made up your mind to use Facebook again, you can reactivate Facebook account by logging back into your Facebook account. When you uses your Facebook account to login to somewhere else then also Facebook account gets activated. So after deactivating, later user just needs to login with password again and it gets activated automatically.

If you have forget password or you are facing problem in logging back then within login and password select “I can’t login”. But for this you should have access to linked email account or phone number.

Delete Facebook Account

Deactivating Facebook account doesn’t remove account from Facebook, it just gets hidden and anytime you can recover your account. If you want to permanently remove Facebook account then you will need to Delete Facebook account. Here is what happens when you delete your FB account.

  • Once FB Account deleted, you can’t get back access to it. So consider it before deleting your Facebook Account, as after deletion of account from FB server there would be no option for account sign-in, recovery.

  • When you request to delete account, it’s not get deleted immediately. Facebook gives you 14 days time, if by any reason you may want to recover your account. After 14 days if you haven’t login to your account, deletion process begins. Deletion request gets cancelled if user log back to FB account before deletion process begins.

  • Facebook can take up-to 90 days before it completely deletes your data from FB backup systems. But your account information would not be accessible for this duration.

  • Same as deactivation FB account, people won’t able to see your account or search for it.

  • Somethings like messages don’t get saved in your account. So your friend will still be see old conversations with you.

How to Delete Facebook Account

To delete Facebook account, you will have send request to Facebook team. Here is how to do it.

  • Sign in to your facebook account.

  • Click on this Delete Facebook page and then click on “Delete My account” button.

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