How to Secure Facebook Account from Being Hacked

Facebook has always been the most popular Social media platform. Almost everyone, who are active on social media platforms, have Facebook Account. Facebook Account contains your private information as well as photos and messages, so hackers try to hack Facebook accounts. Relying on just passwords is not a good practice. To secure Facebook account from being hacked, you should always take some extra measures. Facebook take every measure to keep your account secure. Besides just password, Facebook allows setting up extra security. Here are the most updated ways for keeping your Facebook account secure.

Close All Active Sessions on Regular Basis

In Facebook you can close all active Facebook Session from any device remotely. For keeping your account secure, always check your active login session and if you found something suspicious you can report to Facebook. On regular basis ,You should close active login sessions. So that no one can gain access to your account. To view or logout from where you are logged in currently, here are the steps.

  1. Go to Settings > Security and Login.
  2. Next, Scroll to the section “Where You’re Logged in”.
  3. Click on “Logout of All Sessions” at bottom of this section. If you can’t see this option then click on “show more” to view “Logout of all sessions” option.Check Facebook Active Login Sessions
  4. If you see any login suspicious, then click on respective Three horizontal dots and select “Not You?”. It will  report to Facebook about suspicious Login attempt.

Secure Facebook Account by Setting up Extra Security

To keep your account secure, Facebook allows users setting up extra security. To setup extra security for your Facebook account, Go to settings and then click on Security and Login. In Security and Login, there are two sections, “Setting Up extra Security” and “Advanced”. Here are the ways described.Set Up Extra Facebook Security to Secure Facebook Account

Get Alerts about Unrecognized Login’s

You can enable setting to get alerts about unrecognized logins. This setting is for getting alerts when someone accesses your Facebook account from device or browser that you don’t usually use. Facebook always recognizes and keep track of devices or browsers from which you get logged in. Once this setting is enabled, then whenever someone gets logged in to your account from unrecognized device or browser, Facebook sends alert emails, notification or message.

To enable this Setting Go To Setting > Security and Login > Setting up Extra  Security > Get Alerts About Unrecognized Alerts. From here you can enable to get emails to your email id or to get Notifications in Facebook or messenger. It also lets you to add phone no to get notified.

Choose Trusted Contacts for helping in Account Locked out Condition

If you ever get locked out of your Facebook account, then you can get access to your account again with the help of your chosen trusted contacts. You can add 3 to 5 trusted contacts, so that they can send a URL and code from Facebook, to help you in logging back to your account. Once you have added trusted contact you can call for help if ever you get stuck in problem with your Facebook account.

To add contacts, Go to Setting > Security and Login. Scroll down to “Choose 3 to 5 friends to contact if you get locked out”  section. Click on “Choose Friends” and select friends and save.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

For keeping your account completely secure you should enable two-factor authentication for your account. Two-factor authentication adds extra layer of security to your account. To get logged in to your Facebook account from unrecognized device, it will need not only user id and password but also a special security code as per chosen option. Once Two-Factor authentication is enabled, to login to your Facebook account from unrecognized device, it asks for security code. Hence it will prevent others from logging to your account. When you will turn on two-factor authentication and if device you are using is not saved then it will ask to save the device. One saved you will not have to enter security code for login to your Facebook account.

To set up Two-Factor Authentication, Go to Setting> Security and Login > Settings Up Extra Security > Use Two-Factor Authentication.

For two-factor authentication, Facebook allows choosing from various methods. These are the methods.

1. Code sent via SMS to your Phone No

This is the basic method for two–factor authentication. If you successfully enabled it, whenever attempt to login to your account from unrecognized device is made, Facebook asks for Code sent to your Mobile phone.

To set,  Go to Settings > Security and Login. Next, Scroll to “Use Two factor Authentication”. Under Text Message(SMS), Click on Add Phone. Next add your phone number to enable Two factor authentication via SMS code.

2. Tapping on Security Key

You can enable this authentication method if you have U2F compatible security key such as U2F supported special USB device. Security key can be thought same as you use key to unlock your door. Once enabled, you will have to just tap on security key instead of entering code. As security key only works with specific mobile devices or browsers, so you will need to set another authentication method as well such as SMS code or code Generator.

3. Code Generator

You can enable this authentication method for mobile apps. On enabling this method, your mobile phone will generate security code that you can use to authenticate while logging to Facebook account. For Code generator authentication, you don’t need access to internet or SMSs. It is only available for iOS and android devices.

4. Recovery Codes

Recovery codes are very beneficial when you don’t have your mobile phone with you. To enable it, Go to Recovery codes and click on Get Codes. Then enter your Facebook password and submit. It will generate and show Codes that you can use to login later. You can write down or print these codes to refer later. Each code can be used only once. You can again regenerate recovery codes if you lose or ran out of codes.

Add Phone Number To Facebook Account

Adding phone number to your Facebook account increases its security more. If you ever forget your password you can gain access to your account back by your phone. Also you can add phone number to get alerts when someone tries to login to your account from unrecognized device.

To add phone number Go to Settings > Mobile. Click on “+Add a phone” button. Next Enter Country Code and phone Number. After that confirm number by entering text sent to your number.

More Security Tips

  • Always create strong password for your Facebook account and never share your account password with anyone.
  • There are many fake websites that asks for Facebook login. While logging in to Facebook account from some other website, always check website address. If you are not sure, enter in address bar.
  • Avoid accepting Friend request from people you don’t know as they can be scammers.
  • To secure Facebook Account, Always logout from Facebook on computer or other device that is not completely private. If you forget to logout of Facebook from someone else’s device, then you should logout remotely from Facebook as soon as possible. Here is how to remotely logout from Facebook.
  • Facebook never asks for password in an email so never enter your credentials in email. Never click on suspicious links in emails or even doubtful links in Facebook posts.
  • Check login history regularly for suspicious logins.

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