How to Send Large Files in Gmail

Sending files, photos, videos, documents through email is a great way of sharing information but most email services don’t allow large attachments. It’s very convenient to send files as attachments along with emails but many time our files size exceeds the limit. Normally File size limit doesn’t allow us to send very large files as attachment to emails. Gmail too have attachment file size limit. But still it allows you to send very large files as email attachments with the help of Google drive. Sending very large attachments through Gmail is very easy. In this blog we will be covering how to send large files in Gmail.

Gmail has attachment size limit up to 25 Mb. If your files size is larger than attachment size limit, Gmail does not give any error message but instead it asks user for uploading it automatically to Google Drive and file link to be included in Email.How to send large files in Gmail

Google Drive

Perhaps you may already well acquainted with Google drive. Google drive is a popular file storage service with synchronization feature. That means you can easily access and synchronize files stored in Google drive across any devices like laptop, smartphone or tablet. So for large file size, you can upload them in Google drive and can share the link to that file with anybody through email. Google drive lets you to set permission to files for person with whom you are sharing files. Based on permission user will able to view, edit or comment on file.

How to Send Large files in Gmail through Google Drive

When you send link to file in Google drive through Gmail, You will have to grant the permission to recipient to view or edit that file. Depends on permission recipient can access the file.

To send very large files through Gmail you can approach in two ways. Either you can upload your file first in google drive and then include link to that file in your email or you can let Gmail to automatically upload file in Google Drive. Both ways are as below.

Let Google to Automatically Upload File

Google  can handle very large files automatically by uploading them in Google drive and after upload, it automatically includes the link to that file in email.  So here is how to send large files in Gmail.

  • Sign in to you Gmail account.
  • Compose your email by clicking on “Compose” Button or icon.Compose Email
  • To include attachment, click on “Attachment” icon and choose files.
  • If your file size is larger than 25 MB, then it shows a window saying “Large files must be shared with Google drive”. Click on “OK, got it” button. By clicking on this button you are allowing Google to automatically upload large files to Google Drive and link to be included in your email.Automatically Upload Files to Google Drive
  • Once upload completes, You can see the link to uploaded file have been automatically included in your email.
  • Click on “Send” button of composed email.
  • Gmail asks for permission in next window. Grant recipient the permission to view or edit or comment on files. Click on “Send” button.Grant Permission
  • Click on Send button.
  • If you checked the box “Don’t give access” in permission window, recipient will not be able to view file. Rather by clicking the link, in next window he can request for access. Email will be sent to sender and sender can grant the permission.

Send Link to Files already uploaded in Google Drive through Gmail

Gmail allows users to include links to file that have been already uploaded in your Google drive. Here are the steps.

  1. Compose Email.
  2. If you are composing email in Gmail app then click on attachment icon in top bar and choose “Insert from Drive”.
  3. If you are using Gmail from browser click on “Google Drive icon” in bottom next to attachment icon.Insert from Google Drive
  4. Select files from Google drive.
  5. Next window asks for recipient’s permissions to files. Select permission you want to grant.
  6. Click on “Send” button.

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