How to identify Facebook scams and avoid them

facebook scam

The power of social networking is growing day by day. More and More people are making use of Facebook to stay in touch with the near and dear ones and friends. It is used by many also as a business tool and people use it to connect to prospective customers.  But like there are two side of the coin, here also there is serious con which needs to be looked at. The scams, there are lots of scams happening on Facebook and you should take care that you should not become the victim of one of the Facebook scams.

At times you may realize that you are being scammed hence you need to be cautious in order to reduce the risk of being scammed. Never post any of your personal information on the website.

Following are some examples of Facebook scams:

Privacy –  Privacy is serious issue on Facebook, lots of people can see your profile and lots of information about you. Hence this information is prone to falling in wrong hands. Some viruses are theirs which infiltrate user profiles. Hence this is a serious issue for most users. So be careful of viruses on Facebook.

Fishing – This is a serious issue when you get an email from another website asking you to download something and what you get is a virus.

Distress Messages – There are lots of scammers who you pose as your friend and ask for money, which are in most cases fake.

Viral wall scam – this is basically sending a virus is recording your activity without any problems. May also get your bank information.

Facebook Fees – Scammers tell victims that Facebook is now going to start charging fees for their accounts and if they don’t pay the fees then their account will be deleted. Scammers also ask users to pay their fees which obviously goes to scammer not to Facebook.

Free Giveaways – Scammers offers various items for free which includes from gift cards to free tablets, laptops and smartphones. But you will need to them your information or you have to download a program to qualify. Some companies gives free giveaways but not all and so you have to be very cautious. Best way to verify the free giveaway is to go to referred company’s website and see if they are offering that free giveaway or not, and if yes then what is the process to claim the same.

So be careful and take care of these serious scams if you do not want to land up in trouble. Safely use Facebook and enjoy life.

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