How to know saved Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Do you always forget the password of your Wi-Fi and now your friend is asking? You want to connect some other device to Wi-Fi, but you don’t know the password. You don’t need to worry, if in past you ever connected your Windows 10 device to Wi-Fi. You can easily know saved Wi-Fi password.Know saved Wi-Fi password

Ways to know Saved Wi-Fi password in Windows 10

This article helps you in finding the saved Wi-Fi password in Windows 10. Either you are connected to Wi-Fi network currently or in past. In both cases we can know saved Wi-Fi password in Windows 10.

Knowing Password of currently Connected Wi-Fi

If your Windows 10 operating system device is currently connected to Wi-Fi, you can find the password of that Wi-Fi without any much effort. All you need is to just follow these steps.

  1. Open Network and Internet Setting in Control Panel.Network Settings
  2. Find and click change Adapter Option.Change Adapter Settings
  3. Look for your Wi-Fi and double click on that. Then Select Wireless Properties.Network Info
  4. Select Security tab from opened window. Check show password checkbox in opened security tab. Look for Network Security Key. It shows your Wi-Fi password.Wi-Fi key

Know saved Wi-Fi Password connected in past for Windows 10

Whenever we connect our device to any Wi-Fi network, information gets saved in system. For current connected network you can easily see the password through control panel. But for Windows10, previously connected Wi-Fi password can only be retrieved through command prompt. So to know saved W-Fi password in Windows 10 we will need to run the command prompt.

To open command prompt you can search in windows 10 Cortana in task bar. Type Command prompt in search bar and then click on showed command prompt.

Type below command in command prompt to see all saved Wi-Fi networks you ever connected. This command will list all saved Wi-Fi profiles.

netsh wlan show profiles


Show Wi-fi ProfilesLook for the network for which you want to know the password. Type below command and replace the profilename to your Wi-Fi network profile name.

netsh wlan show profiles name=myprofileName key=Clear


Wifi Profile InfokeyContentIn showed Information look under Security settings. Here Key Content shows your Wi-Fi password.

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