Learn Google Search Tricks to get exactly what you want

Searching for something on web can be overwhelming sometimes. Whenever user submits some query on Search engine, it shows long list of search results. We need to look through whole search results to get what exactly we are searching. Google do its best to ease the searching process. But Many Users don’t know exactly how to search to get desired results. In this article, you will learn Google search tricks to get exactly what you want.

Google Search Tricks

Searching becomes very easy and precise on using Google search Operators. We can easily refine our search results by learning Google Search Tricks. Here I am listing tricks for Google Search.

Using Operators or Modifiers for Google Search

Google search results can be refined by using operators or modifiers in search query. These are the tricks to filter search results.

While searching we can use word or symbol with search query to refine search results.

Note : Don’t put Spaces between operators and search term.

1. Search for Particular Website

To see search results from only particular website or some particular type of website use ” site:” (Without quotes) before website name.

Examples –

site:facebook.com recipes

It will show all recipes related content of  website Facebook.

site:.abc recipes 

It shows all recipes content from websites with .abc extension.

2. Get Information about Website –

Use ” info: ” (Without Quotes) before website  to get detail.

Example –


It will show detail of website etechblogs.

3. Search for Exact matching content –

If you want to search for exact matching content, type your search terms within quotes.

Example –

“Smallest Man”

It will show the smallest man related content first.

4. Exclude content from Search

If you want to exclude some term from search results, use ” – ” (Without Quotes) before what you want to exclude.

Example –

"Smallest Man" -site:youtube.com

It will show exactly the content matching the smallest man. But it will exclude results from website youtube.com

5. Search for Similar sites –

If you want to find out similar website to a specific website. Use ” related: ” (Without Quotes) before that website.

Example –


It shows sites similar to youtube.com

6. Search for Unknown words or Wildcard

Use ” * ” (Without Quotes) between words for searching unknown words. It acts like wildcard.

Example –

Best * In India

It will show everything that is best in India.

7. OR Operator to Combine Search Terms –

Use ” OR ” operator to combine two or more search terms. OR operator should be in uppercase.

Example –

Car OR bike

It will show results for car as well as bike.

8. Search for results within range of number –

Are you searching some product to buy in your budget. You can filter search result of that product by price within range. Put “ .. ” (Without Quotes) between number to get search result that lie within range.

Example –

washing machine $800..$1000

It will show washing machine within $800 to $1000 range.

9. Unit Conversion through Google Search–

Conversion between equivalent units is possible through Google search. Type ”  in ” (Without Quotes) between units to convert.

Example –

200 feet in inches

10. Search for particular File type –

Refine Google search results using ” Filetype: “ (Without Quotes) Get results for particular file type by using this operator.

Example –

free php books Filetype:pdf

Google will show results for free php books that are in pdf format.

11. Get meaning of word –

Use “ define: “ (Without Quotes)to get meaning of any word.

Example –


12. Search in page Title only

To Search for term only in page’s title, use “ intitle: “ (Without Quotes).

Example –


It will show all results whose page’s title contains smartphone word.

13. Search in Page URL

To search for page whose URL contains the search term, use “ inurl: ” (Without Quotes) before term.

Example –


It will show web pages whose url contains smartphone word.

14. Search text within page body or document –

Use “ intext: ” to search text that exist in page body or document only.

Example –

intext:"best smartphone"

It shows the documents or web pages whose body contains the exact text “best Smartphone”.

15. Social Media Search –

To search for social media use @ before word.

Example –


16. Hashtag Search

Put # before word.

Example –


Mentioned Google Search Tricks in this article helps in getting more precise search results. To refine search results more Google search tools can be used.

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