Microsoft Smartwatch to Monitor Heart Rate, Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Microsoft Smartwatch to monitor heart rate

Microsoft is a top technology giant with no doubts. But there are rumors that they are preparing to jump into the wearables market, with plans to offer a sensor-rich Smartwatch. Report says they are working on this Smartwatch for more than a year now.

Forbes reports that Microsoft Smartwatch will be compatible with iPhones, Windows Phone, and Android devices. This Smartwatch device will also be able to monitor heart rate of users continuously over the day. Microsoft Smartwatch devise is also rumored to offer around two days of battery life.

Few days back Samsung also announced its plan to launch a fitness tracking wristband named as “Simband” which will also be able to monitor a user’s heartbeat continuously. If we look at the current market about wearables, it is widely dominated by Samsung and Apple.

The timeline for this Smartwatch’s release date is unclear but Microsoft could be targeting to release this smart watch by this summer.

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