MobileGo – Manage your Android Smartphone from your Computer


MobileGo is a simple tool for Android devices that lets you synchronize your computer to your cellphone, allowing you to make backup copies of your contacts, multimedia files, calendar, photos, ringtones, messages, settings, and the apps themselves. You just need to install MobileGo tool on your computer and Android phone, then connect your android phone to your computer through USB cable or Wifi and start using the MobileGo app from your Android phone or from the computer itself.

Having vast memory in your Android phone is no longer the constraint, lots of devices are now getting launched with the huge internal memory. However, problem is can we manage this data that are stored in the phone memory. Most likely answer is No. Android update you with some amazing games and apps, however what if smartphone where you have installed this apps, data and games is not usable to you anymore.

What if you are buying the new end mobile phone device and want your apps, games or data back to your new phone. Are you safe not having complete & secure backup of your android phone. Answer is no. Thus Wondershare has come up with some amazing software called MobileGo For the Android.

So if you are tired of losing your mobile phone’s content, which is essential for work and life itself nowadays. You should have MobileGo app installed which will help you to restore all and selected files on your Android smartphone with just one click.

MobileGo tool is developed by Wondershare Software and available for free at Google Play Store. MobileGo tool works with all the android version that are 2.0 and above.

Following are some Amazing Features of MobileGo for the Android Devices:

  • Install Apps & Move to the SD card
  • One Click Restore and Backup
  • Find the Duplicate Contacts
  • Detail Info About the Device Connected
  • Import or Export from Windows Live Mail or Outlook
  • Send & Receive SMS on the Desktop
  • Convert and Import Video
  • Convert and Import Music
  • Connect to Computer with USB or WiFi
  • Import & Export iTunes Playlist

Thus these are some of the best uses of MobileGo for Android phone and you can enjoy your experience with MobileGo.

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