How to Mute or Disable Videos Autoplay in Chrome and Firefox

Videos autoplay in browsers is the most annoying feature. Suppose you are browsing the web, sitting in cafe or public place and suddenly some sound starts coming out of your device. Quickly you either try to mute the volume of your device or try to find and stop the video from playing. But by that time, you most likely to be get embarrassed as everyone starts glaring at you.

Auto playing videos always trouble us, which is unacceptable. So it would be ideal if you can mute or disable videos from auto playing. But most of the browsers didn’t given easy switch to disable them but if you are little techie, you can do so. Luckily Facebook and Twitter both provided feature to disable videos autoplay. Here are the ways to mute or disable video’s autoplay in browsers.

Mute or Disable Videos Autoplay in Google Chrome

Google Chrome hasn’t yet provided any easy way to disable video autoplay within Settings. These days, flash videos mostly have been replaced by HTML5 videos. You can disable both flash and HTML5 videos in Google Chrome but nothing is full proof. You can also mute the videos, if just sound is troubling you.  To mute and disable autoplay in Google Chrome, here are the ways.

Mute Videos in Google Chrome

Google Chrome provides the easy way to mute the videos. Any website playing video will be muted. To Mute videos in browsers here are the steps.

  • In Google Chrome browser click on three vertical dots at top right corner. Click on settings to open the Google Chrome settings.
  • In Settings navigate to Advanced settings. To find advanced settings, scroll down in settings page and click on down arrow next to “Advanced”.Google Chrome Advanced Settings
  • Within advanced settings, find and click on Content settings.
  • Find and click Sound within content settings.
  • Next, turn off the switch next to “Allow Sites to play sound”. On switching off, it will be set to “Mute sites that play Sound”Sound Settings

On saving this setting, all videos will be muted in Google chrome even before they start playing. If you want to allow some sites to play sound, You can unmute videos for those particular sites. To unmute videos for particular site, right click on tab of that site and click on “Unmute site”.  You can always manually add sites for which you want to mute videos or not from Google Chrome Sound settings.

To mute videos in Google chrome app, tap on three vertical dots on top right corner of the browser. Tap on settings and then tap on site settings. Next tap on sound. Here you can find switch to turn off sound.

Disable HTML5 and Flash Video Autoplay

HTML5 and Flash both are being extensively used to render videos. There are two different ways to stop HTML5 and Flash videos from auto-playing. One is to install extension in Google chrome and other is to disable through Google chrome settings.

Disable HTML5 and Flash Video Autoplay via Browser Extensions

There are various extensions available in Google chrome to disable video autoplay. By adding the extension in browser, you can easily prevent videos from auto-playing. To find the extensions in Google chrome for disable video autoplay, go to Google chrome Webstore and search for “disable HTML5 videos autoplay” in search box. Now install your preferred extension from search results in Google chrome.

To find extension to disable flash video from auto-playing, you can search for “flash video blocker”.

Disable Flash Video Autoplay through Browser Settings

In Google chrome by default it will ask first before running flash content. But you also block sites from running flash. To block flash content go to Content Settings in Google chrome. Then click on Flash. Turn off the switch to block sites from running flash.

Disable HTML5 Videos Autoplay through Chrome Flags

You can disable HTML5 videos autoplay through Google chrome flags. Flags are the hidden settings in chromes to try out new features that are still in testing phase. One of the setting in testing phase is for Autoplay. To disable Video autoplay through Google Chrome Flags are here.

  • Open Google Chrome Flags by entering chrome://flags/ in Chrome.Google Chrome Flags
  • To find Autoplay setting, search in Google chrome Flags for “Autoplay policy”.
  • From dropdown for Autoplay Policy, choose “Document user activation required” option.
  • After choosing, click on Relaunch now button on buttom. Before Relaunching chrome, first save all your chrome related work so that don’t lose anything.

As these settings are in  testing phase so they not stable. If you want to enable video autoplay again, just set “Autoplay Policy” to default.

Disable Video Autoplay in Firefox

In Firefox you can easily disable videos autoplay by navigating to advanced settings. There are plugins also available for stopping videos from auto-playing but Firefox itself provide this feature in advanced settings. So to disable video autoplay in Mozilla Firefox through advanced settings here are the steps.

  • Open Advanced settings by entering about:config in URL of Mozilla Firefox browser.Disable Videos Autoplay in Firefox
  • Before opening advanced settings, Firefox will warn you about risk of instability and security. So to continue click on “I Accept the Risk” button.
  • Next to find autoplay settings enter “autoplay” in search box.
  • It will show media.autoplay.enabled in search results. Double click on it to change its value to false. On setting value to false Firefox will prevent videos from auto-playing.

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