WhatsApp rolled out New Features for WhatsApp Group

WhatsApp Group has always been the best thing in WhatsApp. With WhatsApp groups family members, friends gets connected together and can chat in group. Furthermore, school and institutes can create WhatsApp groups to stay connected with parents and can deliver messages to them in one go. As Group is an important part of WhatsApp, therefore WhatsApp team is doing their best to enhance user experience. Recently WhatsApp rolled out new features to WhatsApp Group. These new features like Group catch up, description, members search make WhatsApp more powerful. So here are the new features for WhatsApp group to get most out of it. Read More WhatsApp Tips.

Description for Group

Now users can add description to their group, which grants them to set motive, rules or guidelines to WhatsApp group. Furthermore this is very useful for someone who joins group to know about it. Group description will show up at top of the chat to new person who joins the group.

To set Group Description, open group info. Under Group info, tap on “Add Group Description”.WhatsApp Group Description

Quickly Catch up on Messages for you

This new feature is awesome for users who remains away from WhatsApp for long time. With WhatsApp Group “Catch Up”,  you  can quickly see messages on which you were mentioned or replied to. Just click on new @ button at bottom right corner of chat and catch up on messages.

Admin Controls

WhatsApp added new controls to Group settings that allows admin to restrict which participant can change group description, icon, and subject. So now admins can control who can change or who can not.

Search Participant

WhatsApp now allows you to search for Group participants without scrolling through long list of members. So to search participants, go to Group Info and tap on “search icon” on top right corner of participant section.

More New Features for WhatsApp Group

  1. Now there is no way to remove Group creators from the group they started.
  2. WhatsApp now allows admins to remove admin permissions of other group members.
  3. Users which have been left can not be repeatedly added to group .

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