Google Celebrates Mario Day by letting Mario Guides you on Google Map

Mario on Google Map

You may well know about popular Mario video game. Each year on March 10, it is celebrated as National Mario Day to honor Mario from popular Nintendo game. Google is also celebrating National Mario day by putting  Mario  on Google map for this week. So Mario, a favorite plumber-turned racer having moustache will accompany in your travel … Read More »

How to Find Windows 10 Product Key and How to Activate it

Windows 10 Product Key

If you have a PC pre-installed with windows 10 or upgraded the windows 8.1 or windows 7 to Windows 10. In either case, you cannot find Windows 10 product key easily. Now manufacturers does not show Windows product key on sticker in back of computer or in certificate of authenticity. Product key gets stored somewhere … Read More »

What is The Internet of Things? A Simple Explanation

The Internet of things (IoT) is a network of computing and mechanical devices, home appliances, animals, people or any other objects with the ability to identify, connect and transfer data with each others. Each object in IOT system is uniquely identifiable through its embedded electronics and sensors and is able to connect and transfer data … Read More »

Twitter rolled out Bookmark Tweets Feature and More Sharing Options

Bookmark Tweets

Recently Twitter rolled out new share icon which allows to bookmark tweets and more sharing options. Now you can privately bookmark tweets for viewing later. This new bookmarking feature lets you to save tweets that you want to view later, without liking or sharing. Any some other time you just navigate to Bookmarks in your … Read More »

How to Mute or Disable Videos Autoplay in Chrome and Firefox

Videos autoplay in browsers is the most annoying feature. Suppose you are browsing the web, sitting in cafe or public place and suddenly some sound starts coming out of your device. Quickly you either try to mute the volume of your device or try to find and stop the video from playing. But by that … Read More »

Facebook Face Recognition Feature notifies your Presence in Photos on Facebook

Facebook Face recognition

In Dec 2017, Facebook announced new optional feature Face Recognition to help people manage their identity on Facebook. Now Facebook is silently rolling out this Face Recognition feature continuously to users. Yet, Facebook Face recognition feature is not available for all users, but you may be the lucky one who has seen the notification from … Read More »

How to Remotely Logout from Facebook or Gmail on another device

Remotely logout from Facebook

Did you used another device to open your Facebook or Gmail account and left it logged in? Logging out from your account is imperative if your device is not completely personal or you are using someone else laptop or desktop. But you may accidently forget to logout from your account on another device. No Problem, … Read More »

How to Skip Login Screen in Windows 10

Skip Login Screen Windows10

In windows 10 after booting, by default user needs to enter password in login screen. Password ensures security and privacy of user’s data. But Every single time entering password becomes annoying and time consuming.  If you don’t have any concern regarding privacy and security, for fast access it’s good to remove account password. Every time you … Read More »

YouTube Tricks, Hacks and Features for Better Viewing Experience

YouTube Tricks, Hacks & Features

YouTube is the most popular video sharing platform. No doubts, It’s been always a favourite destination for everyone who wants to share, watch and upload videos. Either you want to watch or publish videos, YouTube is the finest choice. Here you can find huge range of videos. Even if you want to earn from your … Read More »

Advanced YouTube Search Tricks to Explore YouTube Effectively

YouTube Search Tricks

YouTube owned by Google, is a most popular video streaming online service. Almost everyone who is Active online, has YouTube Account. If you are also regular YouTube user, this article is for you. YouTube has huge number of videos. So Searching desired videos in YouTube can be sometimes tedious, if you don’t searches in right … Read More »