How to Send Customized Bulk Emails without Mail Merge Add-ons

Send Customized Bulk Emails

Sending bulk emails in one go is significant if you have many customers or friends. If you have some business or you are promoting something, you may required to send the same type of email responses or promotions every day to many people . Typing each email one by one for every user would be … Read More »

How to Import Google Contacts to Spreadsheet Using Script

Open Script Editor

Google provides very easy to use interface to manage Google contacts. You may need to share your contacts with someone else or to store them locally in file. That can be done with in-build export option within the Google contacts.  Right now Google Contacts export option is only available in older version. You will need … Read More »

How to Create and Use Google Contacts Group

Contacts Group

Typing each recipient email id can be overwhelming and time consuming while composing an email. But if you use Google Contacts Group or Label, composing email becomes easy and fast. Grouping contacts also helps in keeping your contacts well categorized and managed. In this article you will learn how to create and use Google Contacts. … Read More »

Twitter Thread allows to express More Thoughts

Twitter Thread

Twitter Thread is an innovative way to express more. Many times tweet length is not enough to tell the whole story. Although Twitter has just doubled the character count of tweet to 280 characters. But still it may not help you, if content is long. For that case twitter thread play important role. It is … Read More »

Learn Google Search Tricks to get exactly what you want

Google Search Tricks

Searching for something on web can be overwhelming sometimes. Whenever user submits some query on Search engine, it shows long list of search results. We need to look through whole search results to get what exactly we are searching. Google do its best to ease the searching process. But Many Users don’t know exactly how … Read More »

WhatsApp tips and tricks to get expert in messaging

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp is a widely known app available on phones all over the world to offer easy, reliable and secure messaging and video calling service. WhatsApp is being extensively used all across the world. Over 180 countries, more than 1 billion people are using it in their daily social life. Many new features in WhatsApp have … Read More »

How to know saved Wi-Fi Password in Windows 10

Know saved Wi-Fi password

Do you always forget the password of your Wi-Fi and now your friend is asking? You want to connect some other device to Wi-Fi, but you don’t know the password. You don’t need to worry, if in past you ever connected your Windows 10 device to Wi-Fi. You can easily know saved Wi-Fi password. Ways … Read More »

How to share live location through WhatsApp


Live location sharing with our friends and family is what we need in our every day life. You are going to some party, meeting or you are staying away your family, you can let your loved ones to keep track on your location. Sharing live location feature helps in easing our life. This awesome feature … Read More »

How to Use Android Smartphone as Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspots are the wireless access points that provides internet connection to laptops, mobiles, tablets and more wirelessly. In public locations we generally don’t have any internet connection in our devices like laptop or tablet. At that time public Wi-Fi hotspots works like a charm. By connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot we can access the internet … Read More »

How to Resolve ” insufficient storage available ” problem on Android

Android smartphone

  Are you trying to install an app on your android smartphone but it is showing “ Insufficient storage available ” error ? This is because your phone is running out of space. You may have SD card storage space available in your phone but still you are seeing insufficient storage available error. This is … Read More »