How to identify Facebook scams and avoid them

facebook scam

The power of social networking is growing day by day. More and More people are making use of Facebook to stay in touch with the near and dear ones and friends. It is used by many also as a business tool and people use it to connect to prospective customers.  But like there are two … Read More »

Nokia Lumia 630 – One of the Best Windows Phone in the Market

nokia lumia 630

Nokia Lumia 630 is the first Nokia phone that runs on Windows Phone 8.1. Rather than showcasing the new OS on flagship phone, they have selected to roll this out on the budget offering. Nokia Lumia 630 is the first phone that was released after Microsoft taken over Nokia, the Finnish firm, which was once … Read More »

10 Hidden Features of Google Chrome You Must Try

Google Chrome

Google Chrome has been steadily gaining in the browser market share since its launch in 2008. Its simplicity and feature-rich interface caused a lot of users to switch from other popular browsers to this Google Chrome browser. Google Chrome browser includes a ton of features that make it easier to use than ever and much more customizable. Here’s … Read More »

Google launches 11 New Google Glass Apps

google glass

Google has now come up with 11 new Google Glass Apps. According to CNET, some of these apps are exercise and sports focused, like 94Fifty Basketball that helps the people with the shots; Runtastic that helps users with the fitness goals; the Zombies Run that helps runners to keep going; and that allows users to … Read More »

How to Spot Fake Online Review?

fake reviews

Internet is growing day by day. There are lots of people selling their stuff on the internet today. There is extreme competition and everyone wants to make money. But there are so many neutral websites available which offer neutral reviews of the products. These online reviews make users aware of the product quality based on feedback from other … Read More »

10 Free Apps for iPhone You Must Have

free apps for iphone

There are more than 1.2 million Apps available in the Apple App Store now. It became really difficult to find useful free apps for iPhone and other Apple devices. We did some research and identified following 10 free apps for iPhone which are very useful and shouldn’t be miss out. 1. SnapGuide is an extremely … Read More »

Motorola Moto G – Excellent Design with Attractive Price

motorola moto g

Motorola is back and kicking off the global smart phone revival with attractively priced Moto G phone. Motorola Moto G is a mid range handset with low-end price & powered with Android KitKat. It is hardly groundbreaking in the terms of looks, however the soft and curved edges of Moto G make this very attractive and swath … Read More »

Google Glass – Quick Overview and Introduction

Google Glass

The demand for unique and fashionable eye glasses has always remained higher. However, having the most amazing and stylish eye glass can really add a new look for your overall appearance. Due to this reason fashion savvies have always wanted to wear the most functional, stylish and unique eye glasses that can take their overall … Read More »

Microsoft Smartwatch to Monitor Heart Rate, Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone

Windows Smartwatch to monitor heart rate

Microsoft is a top technology giant with no doubts. But there are rumors that they are preparing to jump into the wearables market, with plans to offer a sensor-rich Smartwatch. Report says they are working on this Smartwatch for more than a year now. Forbes reports that Microsoft Smartwatch will be compatible with iPhones, Windows Phone, and … Read More »

Google Unveils Self Driving Car Prototype | Car without Steering Wheel

Google unveils self driving car prototype

Google has been working on Self Driving Cars equipped with sensors, computer and navigation equipment since 2010. They have been working toward the goal of vehicles that can shoulder the entire burden of driving. Google announced on Tuesday that they have built a prototype for fully autonomous self-driving car which is built from the ground up … Read More »