ProxyHam lets to Connect anonymously to Wi-Fi 2.5 miles away

proxyhamTo connect anonymously and hide online is very difficult in era of government surveillance .Even Tor and VPNs are not enough to keep your online privacy hidden. VPNs cannot make online connections completely anonymous and if you are using Tor then it is very easy for someone like the NSA to tell if you’re a Tor user and that makes them more likely to target you. Hence with enough work, the government can figure out who you are. So far if once your IP Address is discovered your game is over. But ProxyHam gives you a way to connect anonymously to Wi-Fi 2.5 miles away so that you would be able to maintain your online anonymity.

Security researcher Ben Caudill developed a device called ProxyHam that adds extra layer of anonymity to whistle-blowers, journalists, dissidents and, of course, criminals. This device effectively serves as long-distance Wi-Fi router. By using ProxyHam you can protect your online privacy and you can defend yourself against network surveillance and traffic analysis.

According to Ben Caudill,

From the US to China and beyond, anonymity on the internet is under fire – particularly for whistleblowers. National interests are pushing for greater control and monitoring of internet content, often invoking harsh punishments for informers and journalists, if caught. While a range of technologies (such as ToR) can provide some level of anonymity, a fundamental flaw still exists: a direct relationship between IP address and physical location. If your true IP is ever uncovered, it’s game over – a significant threat when your adversary owns the infrastructure.

To resolve this issue, I present ProxyHam, a hardware device which utilizes both WiFi and the 900Mhz band to act as a hardware proxy, routing local traffic through a far-off wireless network – and significantly increasing the difficulty in identifying the true source of the traffic. In addition to a demonstration of the device itself, full hardware schematics and code will be made freely available.

Caudill explaining ProxyHam to be alternatives of Tor or VPNs told Motherboard “We consider this the last or worst case scenario, the absolute fallback plan if everything else fails,”

ProxyHam is made of a Raspberry Pi computer with a Wi-Fi card, connected to three antennas, a Wi-Fi one that connects to the internet at a public space (think Starbucks or a public library) and a dual antenna that transmits at 900MHz, this is used to communicate and beam data back and forth with the user, who can be as far as 2.5 miles from the device, according to Caudill.

How ProxyHam Works


ProxyHam is basically consisting of two devices. One is a physical box that is made up of Pi computer with a Wi-Fi card, connected to three antennas. The other device is a 900MHz antenna that receives the signal, sent from between one to 2.5 miles away.

The ProxyHam device should be placed in a public Wi-Fi area, which will provide the Internet access needed for the system to work. One of antenna of ProxyHam box connects the device to a  Wi-Fi network which is placed at a public place while the other dual antennae is connected to a radio connection which are meant to transmits the Wi-Fi signals at a frequency of 900 MHz.

The user can now connect to it from as far away as 2.5 miles using the 900MHz network. Those who wish to use ProxyHam will need to plug in a 900-MHz antenna into their computer, which creates a setup.

If someone tries to uncover your anonymity then he will end up on getting only IP address of ProxyHam box that you placed miles away from your real location.

Now So far only concern is detection of radio frequencies on the user’s end but for that too Caudill has a solution. Caudill says wireless signals of ProxyHam are designed in such a manner that it would resemble the frequencies that normally emits from cordless telephones as they use the same frequency. Thus he told: “There are a ton of devices jumping into that space and communicating there. It’s not feasible to say ‘we’ll chase down everyone who has this device communicating on this frequency.’ It’s a needle in a haystack.”

While speaking to Motherboard, Caudill said that he and his team are further working to add certain additional features to the ProxyHam such a Self Destruction. It seems the newer versions of ProxyHam could be even smaller so as to easily fit into a book thus making it much easier to hide. Caudill added: If you throw this in a library it would take you years to be able to identify it.”


Caudill plans to unveil ProxyHam at the upcoming DefCon hacker conference in Las Vegas next month. To know more about DefCon Conference Click here.



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