How to Resolve ” insufficient storage available ” problem on Android


Insufficient Storage Available

Are you trying to install an app on your android smartphone but it is showing “ Insufficient storage available ” error ? This is because your phone is running out of space. You may have SD card storage space available in your phone but still you are seeing insufficient storage available error. This is the general problem for the Android Users. But by following some simple steps you can save lot of space in your phone. Many times smartphone shows “ Insufficient storage available “ error when we try to install an app. We all know storage space is never enough as it seems to be. This happens because most of the space is taken by pre-installed apps and operating systems itself. When we try to install a new app, even if your phone has SD card space available, insufficient storage error comes. Many apps are allowed to be installed in SD space but some apps can be installed only on internal storage to work properly.  This insufficient storage available problem can be resolved easily with few simple tricks. These steps include making more space by deleting unwanted files, clearing cache, uninstalling unwanted apps and more.

Here is how to resolve “ Insufficient storage available ” error on android smartphone.

Delete Unwanted Files:

Many times we download files like image, pdf, installation files etc. These files get stored in Download Folder. You can free up some space by navigating to “Download” folder and deleting unwanted files. Download Clear Apps Cache:

Most of the internal space in the Android smartphone is occupied by app data, cache and app itself. If you have deleted all the files that are no longer needed even then android phone is showing “ Insufficient storage available ” error. Then you should consider clearing APP cache too. There are many apps like Spotify, which cache lot off music data offline that you have already listened. You can free up this space by clearing caches of that app. It can save huge space. To do so go to “Settings”, select “Apps”, find the apps whose cache is taking large space. If you find one, and you want to clear its cache, tap on “Storage” and tap on “Clear Cache” button. Clear App Cache


Uninstall Unused Apps:

Google play store has huge number of Apps. When we search for any wanted app in play store, it shows recommended apps also. Usually we install them without thinking a second. As there are some apps that require to install in internal storage only to work best. All those apps take lot of space in phone’s internal storage. So even though smartphone has lot of space available in SD card, smartphone shows “ insufficient storage available ” error. On regular intervals you should look for the Apps that you are not using anymore and to uninstall them. To see list of apps installed on your phone, go to settings and tap on the Apps. Then select the app that you don’t want in your phone anymore. Tap on uninstall button.

Uninstall Many android phones let you to uninstall apps for home screen itself. If your phone has App tray , select the app from there. Tap and hold the app, it will show uninstall icon on top of screen. Drag the App to top of the screen towards uninstall icon. Now agree to uninstall APP.

Add SD Card and Move apps and content to SD card:

Insufficient Storage available error can be resolved by moving apps and other data to SD card to make more space. Many android smartphones allow memory expansion by adding SD card. However nowadays smartphones are coming without any SD card slots. But if you have a SD card slot available in phone, you should add good quality fast SD card. After adding move all of your contents like photos, videos and other movable files to SD card. Content you can move depends on android version you are using. For Marshmallow and higher after inserting SD card your phone will detect it and will show setup SD card screen. Choose “use as internal storage” option to increase space in your phone. Now go to settings. Select “Storage and USB” from settings. Select USB storage. If there is data that can be migrating to SD card then screen will show three vertical dots on top right corner. If so, tap on three vertical dots and choose Migrate date. On “Move data now” screen select “Move”.

Migrate Internal storage data

Some Apps can be moved to SD card storage for making more space in internal storage. You can move only the apps that are allowed to be installed on SD card. However there are many apps which need to be installed on internal storage only. To check go to Settings. Select Apps. choose any App. If App is stowing “Change” button for storage then you can change the storage space used to SD card. Tap on Change button and follow the next screen.

Change App Storage

Backup Photos & Videos to Cloud Storage:

Keep your photos and videos safe by backing up them to some cloud storage. There are many apps like Goggle Photos, Microsoft one drive and more. Google photos usually come pre-installed in many android phones. It provides unlimited free photo storage. After configuring Cloud storage app your photos and videos will be backup automatically. Once back up is completed you can free up the space in your android phone while keeping their copy in Goggle photos. You can still see those photos online. It will save huge space in your internal storage as well as SD card storage and will help you in resolving insufficient storage available issue. To free up the space when using Google photos, Select menu and then tap on “free up the space”. On next screen tap on Remove and it will delete all the copies from your phone that has been backed up.


Last rescue – Restore to factory Settings:

If you have tried everything to resolve insufficient storage available error and nothing is working. Then last rescue is to restore android smartphone to factory settings.

Before going to this step you should first backup your android smartphone data in some external disk. You can connect your android phone to your laptop using USB. After connecting unlock your phone, swipe down and select “USB for charging” notification. Choose “Transfer files(MTP)” option from “Use USB for” Screen. In your laptop open file explorer and click on your phone name from devices and drives section. On clicking you phone icon, it will show phone storage. Now you can backup data. While backing up you will need to keep your phone unlocked.

For contacts you can backup them to your Google account or manually exporting your contacts. You can also backup applications data by going to settings> Backup & Reset. Set “Backup my data” to on. Set “Backup account” and enable “Automatic restore”. By doing so, your data will be automatically backed up to your account. When you have finished backing up all of your phone data, next is to restore your phone to factory settings. After doing Factory reset just login to your account where you have backed up your data. Everything else will taken care by android itself.

Factory Reset phone

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