Send Email from Different Addresses using Single Email Account

Managing Multiple emails is overwhelming task. You may be sending emails regularly from multiple email addresses of yours. Usually users need to logged in to their account from which they want to send email. You  too may be getting logged in to your personal account or work email accounts to send emails one by one or at the same time . It takes time in switching account and logging in. What if you can send email from different addresses using just single email account. Yes you can do so. In this article we will be covering two popular email service providers Gmail and Yahoo for sending emails from another addresses. Also read Best Customized Email Providers.

Send Email from Different Email Addresses using Gmail

Send Email from different Email addresses

Either it’s your personal account or work, business, school account, sending email using Gmail as another address is always very easy. Gmail allows to send email as any email address of your, once it’s verified. That means when you send email from Gmail, you can choose another email address in “From” Field. This saves our time and effort. So here are the steps for sending emails from different email addresses using Gmail. Also read Gmail’s New Interface.

Add and Verify another Email Address in Gmail

First you will need to add email address from which you want to send emails in your Gmail account. As you will be sending email as another account so Gmail will first verify that email address to confirm, you own that address. So Here is how to add other email address in Gmail.

  • Open Browser and get login to your Gmail Account.
  • In top right corner, click on “Settings icon” and select “Settings” from menu.Gmail Settings
  • In Settings, click on “Accounts and Import” or “Accounts” Tab.Accounts and import settings
  • Navigate to “Send Mail As” Section. Click on “Add Another Email Address” from bottom of the section.
  • In opened window enter your Name and Email address.Add another Email id in Gmail
  • If you want that reply to your emails would go to some other email address, click on “Specify a different “reply-to” Address” and enter email address.
  • Click on next button.
  • If next window asks for Server info. Enter SMTP Server and Port.  Then click on “Add Account”.
  • If it doesn’t ask for server info. Simply click on “Send Verification” button.
  • Window to verify email address would appears You can either verify by clicking on link or by entering verification code sent to your mailbox for email id you are adding. Check your inbox and verify.
  • If you want to verify later. Just go to Settings> Accounts & Import > Send Email As section. Click on “Verify” next to email you want to verify.

How to Send Email using Gmail

Once you have added and verified another email id in your Gmail account, it shows that email id in drop down list next to “From” field when you compose email.
Compose new email by clicking on “Compose” button. Select another email id from drop down list next to “From” field and send your email.

How to Send Emails from another Email Address by Default

Do you always want to send emails from another email id? If yes, you will need to set that email id as your default email address to send emails. So whenever you compose Email, by default it shows your other email address in “From” field. You can always change that email id before sending email. To set another email id as default email id, here are the steps.

  • Navigate to Settings > Accounts & Import > Send Mail As.
  • Send Mail As Section shows all emails that you have added as well option to edit them or add new. Find the Email to which you want to set as default.
  • Click on “Make Default” link next to your another email id.Set Default Email

Resolving Issues while adding Emails or sending Emails

You may be having issues while you are adding another Email in you Gmail Account. If you are getting “Couldn’t Reach Server” error, it can be due to wrong port and authentication type. Here can be the reason you are facing issue while adding email.

  • You must double check SMTP Server and Port for email id you are adding. If you are not sure, you can ask to your email service provider.
  • This error can also occur due to wrong password or username.
  • Your another email service may prevent Gmail from signing in for security reasons. Login to you another Email Id account and check security settings, allow it to sign in from other apps.

Another issue can occur when you are sending Emails from another Email Id. Like after adding yahoo email id, you may be getting error “Message Blocked” whenever you send email. To resolve this error Sign in to your Yahoo account and open Email Inbox. Click on “Settings” icon in top right corner. Select “Account Info”. Next click on Account Security tab and enable “Allow Apps that use Less secure Sign in”.Allow apps to sign in - Yahoo

Send Email from Another Email Address using Yahoo

Yahoo is also among top email service providers. If your primary account is Yahoo, you may want to add another email id in your Account same as mentioned above for Gmail. Here are the steps to add other email id in yahoo account so that you can send emails as another email id right from  yourYahoo account.

  • Sign in to your Yahoo Inbox.
  • Click on Settings icon in top right settings
  • Select Settings from menu.
  • Click on “Writing Email” tab from Settings Window.Yahoo Writing Email setting
  • Enter your other Email id in the box next to “Add Send-only Address” and hit “Verify” button.
  • Click on “Finish” button.Verify Window
  • Enter your name, description and reply-to address and hit “Done” button.
  • Click on “Save” button and exit.
  • Check inbox of your other email id for confirmation Email from Yahoo member service. Click on the link in confirmation email to verify.

After verifying, you can send emails from other email id using yahoo account. Just choose your other email id from list next to “From” field while composing email.

Conclusion :

Gmail and Yahoo both are superior email providers. Both allow users to add other email addresses without any difficulty. You may face some issues in authentication as your email service provider may prevent other apps to sign in or server info you given doesn’t match. For that you should contact your network administrator or email service provider. For any query you can comment and we will try to help you.

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