How to share live location through WhatsApp

Live location sharing with our friends and family is what we need in our every day life. You are going to some party, meeting or you are staying away your family, you can let your loved ones to keep track on your location. Sharing live location feature helps in easing our life. This awesome feature is now available in WhatsApp. On regular basis WhatsApp team adds some new features to WhatsApp to enhance user experience. Now users can send their live location to friends and relatives in chat through WhatsApp. This feature gives another reason to users keep coming back to app multiple times a day. Live location sharing has been launched for both android and iPhone users.

Live LocationSharing current location was already present in WhatsApp but it was static and was only one time sharing. Live location sharing enables users sharing location dynamically but for limited time only. So participant in chat can continuously track your real time location for a time period on the map whenever it gets updated.

What is Share Live Location feature

Live location sharing is the means of sending real time location in chat for some fixed duration. It lets the participants of chat to see your real time location on map as soon as its gets updated but for only fixed time period. User needs to set time duration while sharing live location. Participants in the chat will be able to see live location only for the set time duration or until the user stop sharing location.

How to share location through WhatsApp

WhatsApp provides two ways of sharing location.

  1. One time static current location sharing
  2. Live location sharing for set time duration

These are the steps to share location in WhatsApp chat.

  1. Open WhatsApp individual chat or group.
  2. Tap on attachment icon next to chat input box. livelocationAttachmentclick
  3. Now tap on location icon. Grant permission to WhatsApp to access your location if you haven’t given yet. livelocationPermissionlivelocationPermission2
  4. Next Send location window will show up. Here you can either select share live location or share your current location option. Select any one option. SendLocation
  5. If your selection is to send your current location, your current static location in chat will be send. This option does not let users of chat to know you location dynamically.
  6. If your selection is share live location, next screen to send live location will show up. In this screen, select time duration for live location sharing. Choose any option from 15 minutes, 1 hour or 8 hour. Next you can add comments in comments input box.  Now send. This shared location will be dynamic and be updated in map in real time.settime
  7. Later anytime if you want that you no longer wants to share your location, you can stop sharing live location by clicking on stop sharing.sharedLiveLocationstopSharing

Key points of Share live location feature :

  • Sharing live location feature of WhatsApp enables you to share your location in real time with  friends and family in contact list. Sharing live location is secure and simple.
  • For sending live location, WhatsApp uses GPS of phone to detect and send location of your phone.
  • Sharing live location feature of WhatsApp is completely secure. End to end encryption makes your location totally safe and only people you want, will able to track your location.
  • Anytime you can stop sharing anymore, even before set time period for live location ends. So you can choose stop sharing your live location whenever you want to.
  • In a WhatsApp group, if many people shared their live location at the same time, you can see everyone’s live location on the same map.

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