How to Skip Login Screen in Windows 10

In windows 10 after booting, by default user needs to enter password in login screen. Password ensures security and privacy of user’s data. But Every single time entering password becomes annoying and time consuming.  If you don’t have any concern regarding privacy and security, for fast access it’s good to remove account password. Every time you want to use your laptop or desktop, you can just skip windows 10 login screen. Removing account password to skip login screen saves time and you have quick access. With just few simple steps you can disable Windows Login screen and get rid of entering password for logging into windows.
Skip Login Screen Windows10

There are Two ways for skipping Login screen in Windows 10. Either you can change setting so that Windows 10 never ask for password after booting or set the password to blank itself. Both of the methods are mentioned as below.

Skip Login Screen through Netplwiz

To disable windows 10 login screen, first you will need to login to windows account by entering password. Steps are as below.

  1. Click on windows start search bar or press “windows+R” key on your keyboard to open run command. Type “netplwiz” in search bar or run box and hit enter. In top results, “Netplwiz “ run command will appear. Click on it or hit enter to open it. Netplwiz is a useful tool for managing user accounts and passwords.Open NetplwizOpen Run
  2. A window labelled User Accounts will appear. In opened window, Under Users tab, unchecked the box labelled “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”. Click on Apply.NetplWiz Screen
  3. In next opened window you will need to enter password. Enter account password and click on ”Ok” button.Enter password
  4. After saving above setting, you don’t need to enter password and user name to use your windows 10 laptop or desktop. Login screen will no more bother you. You can check saved setting by rebooting windows 10 after saving all your work.

Skip Login Screen by Setting Password to Blank

Another way to skip login screen is to remove password by setting password to blank. For setting password to blank we will need to go through the process of changing password. To change account password there are many ways. One of the method is as below.

  1. Open Windows 10 Settings from startup or press “Windows+I” on keyboard.
  2. Click on Accounts to open User Accounts settings.Open user account
  3. Then Click on “Sign-In Options”. Under Password Click on “Change”.Sign-In Options
  4. In the next screen it will ask for current password for changing password. Enter your current password. Click on Next.
  5. In Change Password screen leave every field( New Password, Reenter password, and password Hint) to blank. Click on Next.Leave fields blank
  6. Click Finish in next screen.
  7. After saving above setting, password will be set to blank. So further on rebooting, Windows 10 will load without asking for password.

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