How to Spot Fake Online Review?

fake online review

Internet is growing day by day. There are lots of people selling their stuff on the internet today. There is extreme competition and everyone wants to make money. But there are so many neutral websites available which offer neutral reviews of the products. These online reviews make users aware of the product quality based on feedback from other users who have bought the same products. But all is not as simple as it looks. You should be sure as a user that the reviews are legitimate and reliable. That is a very important thing.

Ways to find out Fake Online Review:

  • Never look at online review posted by friends, relatives or colleagues of the user who posted the product.
  • If a user has posted an extremely positive or negative online review about a product but he/she has never reviewed anything else earlier. This raises a red flag and could be a fake online review.
  • 100% positive reviews can be seriously fake and hence you need to be very careful in order to avoid any kind of problems later on after purchase.
  • 100% negative reviews can be from the competitors and hence you need to take care and avoid them that is a major sign of a fake online review.
  • If the review is a sales review and is trying to sell the product then you can be sure that it is a fake review.
  • If too many wrong words like WOW, great and amazing types are used then you can be sure that something is wrong with this online review and hence you need to be very careful.
  • Some online review may give you wrong information about the product and these reviews for sure are the fake ones.

Generally on bigger review websites not too many fake reviews are there as there are many checks in place. You can trust them more than others, though you can never be sure 100%.

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