Top 11 Important Google URLs Every User Should Know

Google URLsAre you a Google user? If yes then have you ever think how much information of your Google stores and how you can access that. Do you know Google stores whatever search term you typed on Google bar? Do you know how to see that when and where you accessed your Google account? Here is the list of Google URLs that is very useful in becoming Pro Google User and using your Google account efficiently.

1. Google Alerts to Monitor Web for new interesting contentgoogle alerts
Google Alerts is very useful service from Google. It delivers your favorite content from Web to your email or RSS feed. To Get this you simply need to create an alert about your interested topic such as companies, finance, music ,celebrities, politics, movies, programming or whatever you want.

2. Google Translategoogle translate
It is a free online translation service by Google to instantly translate text or webpages or document from one language to another language.

3. Google Keep

Google keep
Web version –                    

Google Keep is a note-taking application developed by Google. Using this you can add notes, lists, photos, and audio that you want to keep. You can create reminders whenever and wherever you want an alert. It is available in web, android and chrome. All of your notes stay in sync wherever you access it.

4. Create Account With your existing Email Address
You can create a new Google account with your existing email address and you don’t need to create new email address with In normal signup you will need to create new user name but using this link you can signup to Gmail with your existing email id.

5 . Download your Datagoogle-takeout
With this link you can download all of your Google data like Google Photos, Drive data, Bookmarks and everything associated with your account. You can make a copy of the content in your account at any time, and use it for another service. If you are deleting your account then before deleting you can take all of your data’s Backup.

6. Apps Connected to your Accountgoogle connected apps
Here you can see and manage authorized access to your Google Account for the apps, sites, and devices that are connected to it.

7. Saved PasswordGoogle saved passwords
Google stores the password for websites for chrome and android that you saved with Google Smart Lock. Whenever you login to any websites It is asked to whether you want to save password or not and If you choose yes, these passwords gets saved. Google sync these saved passwords to your Google account too so that these passwords can be access across various devices. You can also disable this if you don’t want to save your password with Google smart lock. With this URL you can see saved passwords of various websites.

8. Control Ads You Seegoogle ads settings
Google create a profile based on your interest by using many criteria’s such as web sites you visited. It helps them to show you ads based that are relevant to you on Google services and on websites that partner with Google such as through Google’s Display Network. With this URL you can update your interests, demographic details, and other information that is used to show you ads you may be interested in. You can also block specific advertisers. Or you can use Ads Settings to opt out of interest-based ads altogether.

9. Recently Used Devicesgoogle recently used devices

With this url you can see all of your devices on which your account was accessed in the last 28 days or are currently signed in to your account. For each of devices you can also see last activity such as time and location of when and where your account was accessed recently.

10. Search, Browsing, YouTube History
Google stores the search terms that you typed on Google search bar. Using this URL you can see your search history from day 1 if your search and browsing activity was enabled. You can also disable it if you want your search history do not save. These are some more URLs related to history-

Check out your voice and Audio inputs that you have sent to Google –

YouTube watch History –

YouTube Search History-

11. Location History
Google stores your location History to create a private map of where you go with your logged-in devices in order to provide improved map searches, commute routes, and more. With the above URL you can see your location history.

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