iPhone – Top 15 Tips and Tricks to use your iPhone to its full ability


Use your iPhone to its full ability

iPhone is one of the big giant in today’s smartphone market. iPhone owners love their iPhone not just because of its Retina display, Design, amazing camera or long battery life but they love that iPhone is very easy to use. However not every Owner of iPhone is using it to the best of its ability. There are many more hidden features that you should know. Here are some tips and tricks that are very useful to use your iPhone to its full ability.


1. Close unused running Apps

There may be many unused apps running in background in your iPhone running OS 4.0 or later operating system, as iPhone do not automatically close applications when you exit the application .So what if you can close those unused apps to save battery. To do so press the Home button two times rapid succession. Your iPhone will display the icon dock bar having applications icons that are running. Press and hold any icon displayed in dock bar until you see the icons starts waving with red circle above those icons. Just tap on the red circle of app icon of application that you want to remove. Your application will be closed.


2. Lock your iPhone’s screen orientation

You may want while you watching video or chatting, to lock your phone orientation as changing orientation with your hands movement may be irritating you. So to lock your screen orientation Press home button two times very rapidly, you will see dock icon bar on bottom. Now swipe right over the dock icon bar and you’ll end up with five icons (left to right) showing Portrait Orientation Lock ass first icon on left. Just click that icon and screen orientation will be locked. To unlock do the same procedure.

3. Set timer to stop music after a set amount of time

Do you like to go to sleep listening your iPhone music apps. But it is very annoying to wake up after few hours and music is still playing. You can set the timer to stop music after set amount of time. To do so open Clock app on the home screen. Now Select the Timer and set the time after which you want to stop music. Now tap on the “When timer ends” button. Scroll down and bottom most you will see “stop playing” tap on it. And tap on set button in upper right most corner. Timer will get started.


4. Take a screenshot of your screen

You can take the screenshot of your iPhone screen that you are watching. To do so, just press and hold the top power button and the round home button simultaneously. It will take screenshot of your screen which will be saved in your camera roll.


5. View websites in full screen

To view Websites in full screen mode on safari, turn your phone to landscape orientation and click on the little full screen icon in the lower right. It looks like a two arrows pointing out. After tapping this icon, Safari will hide the top address bar and the bottom button bar and you will able to see website in full screen mode.


6. Give your email or texts some flair

You can use the Emoji keyboard on iPhone to give your texts and emails some flair. To enable Emoji keyboard tap on settings->General->Keyboard->Keyboards->Add new Keyboard. Now select Emoji from list and you are done .Now you can use Emoji keyboard. To use it start typing, you’ll see a globe icon in the bottom left corner tap that once to toggle between the alpha-numeric keyboard and the Emoji keyboard.

Emoji1 Emoji

7. Scroll to the top of screen

While viewing a very long website page, you have reached to very bottom of page and want to scroll back to top ,then just tap on top status bar which has time ,service bars and time and this not only brings you to the top of the page, but also brings up the URL bar.


8. Set an alphanumeric passcode (only in iPhone 5)

Alphanumeric passwords are more secure and add an extra layer of protection to your iPhone. Now on iPhone 5 you can set alphanumeric passwords. To do so tap on Settings >General > Passcode Lock. Now Turn “Simple Passcode” off and you will be prompted to enter your alpha numeric password.

9. Do Not Disturb Feature (only in iPhone 5)

If you want that nobody disturb your for some time, not even your smartphone’s calls then “Do not Disturb” is good option for you. By this feature you can set the block all calls for a set time, or you can also allow calls from your favorite contacts to be allowed to interrupt. To enable this feature on your iPhone 5 tap Settings > Do Not Disturb. Now Set the time. When Do Not Disturb is on, you will see a “moon” icon appear in the status bar.

10. Take a picture instantly from the lock screen

Sometime suddenly you need to capture the image, but unlocking your iPhone and then opening camera app is quite time consuming, by which you may miss the scene you want to capture. But iPhone provides the feature to take picture immediately from the lock screen. Press the home button of your iPhone. After pressing you will see the small camera icon on the screen in bottom. Just tap that icon and camera app will be open.


11. Use your headphones to click pictures

One of coolest feature of iPhone is the ability to take a picture using your phone’s volume up button, making it act a bit more like a real camera. Not even with volume buttons of your iPhone but also you can use the volume up button on your headphones cable or Bluetooth headset to snap a picture with your iPhone.

12. Enable Private Browsing for Safari

You can enable private browsing in safari. When it is enabled, private data components such as browsing history, cache, and cookies are not left behind when Safari is closed. So you can browse privately on your iPhone. To enable it, tap on settings>safari and then set private browsing on.

13. Raise to Speak

You can talk to Siri on iPhone not only by pressing and holding the home button but also you can raise the phone to your ear and speak. To enable it tap on settings >general>Siri.Then turn on Raise to speak option.

14. Built it Dictionary

iPhone has built in dictionary. Suppose while browsing or viewing any website page, you want to know the meaning of any word in it, then just tap and hold on that word. You will see Define option will comes up. Click Define and you will get the meaning of word you want


15. LED Flash for Alerts

Flash-powered alerts is one of the coolest features, for those with hearing impairments. As this feature uses the LED flash next to the rear-facing camera on the iPhone to notify you the incoming calls and alerts. With this feature enabled, anytime a call comes, LED will flash repeatedly, even when the iPhone is on silent mode. To enable it tap on Settings> General> Accessibilty. Now toggle the ON switch next to “LED Flash for Alerts”.

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