Twitter rolled out Bookmark Tweets Feature and More Sharing Options

Recently Twitter rolled out new share icon which allows to bookmark tweets and more sharing options. Now you can privately bookmark tweets for viewing later. This new bookmarking feature lets you to save tweets that you want to view later, without liking or sharing. Any some other time you just navigate to Bookmarks in your account and view saved bookmarks. New “Share icon” not only brought bookmarking but also more sharing options for tweets. Now you can share your tweets via direct messages, emails, Sms and many more other ways. Also Read Express More thoughts with Twitter Thread.

Twitter has rolled out new “Share icon” to all users globally for iOS, Android,, twitter Lite. But it’s still not available is Twitter Desktop. You can see this new share icon below every tweet in your latest Twitter App.Twitter Announced Bookmark Feature

How “Share Icon” in Tweets helps

Twitter brought bookmarking tweets feature on demand of saving tweets privately to viewing later by many peoples. Bookmarks always have been the most wanted feature. Suppose you want to watch some video in tweet or want to reply some tweet later, and then you can just bookmark that tweet and watch it later from Bookmarks section in your account. Using Twitter share icon you can bookmark tweets or share tweets with somebody else via direct messages, Emails, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and many more ways. So now Twitter has made it easier to save and share tweets privately or publicly in a quick and easy way. Twitter new share icon brought following features.

  • Direct messages Tweets to others.
  • Bookmark Tweets that you want to save.
  • Share tweets via Email, text messaging and many more ways.

How to Bookmark Tweets

New feature to bookmark tweets is available in twitter app for iOS or Android, and twitter Lite. You will need the latest Twitter app for using this feature. If you are working on laptop or desktop you can find this bookmarking feature if you navigate to

  • To bookmark tweets, Tap on share icon below the tweet that you want to save.Bookmark tweets in AndroidBookmark Tweet in iOS
  • Next select “Add Tweets to bookmarks”.
  • To view saved bookmarks, Select Bookmarks from Menu.

If you don’t see, Share icon in Twitter app for Android or iOS, then please update it.

How to Remove Tweets from Bookmarks

You can always remove saved tweets that you longer need from bookmarks.  To remove saved tweet tap on share icon of tweet that you want to remove from Bookmarks. Next, Choose “Remove Tweet from Bookmarks”.Remove Tweets from Bookmarks

To remove all tweets at one from Bookmarks, tap on Three vertical dots in top right corner (for Android) within Bookmarks. Next select “Clear all Bookmarks”. To confirm, from Dialogue box choose “Yes,I’M Sure”.

How to Share Tweets

Twiiter rolled out many more sharing option via new share icon. Now Twitter allows tweet sharing via many different ways like emails, SMSs and many more besides Direct messages.

  • To share tweet, tap on Share Icon below the tweet.
  • If you want to direct message the tweet to somebody else, simply select “Send via Direct Message”. To share Tweet via other ways, select “share Tweet via..”, then choose your preferred way.

Conclusion :

So Twitter’s new feature for Bookmarking tweets is really awesome, as many times we don’t want to like or share the tweet, but still want to view that tweet later.  So if you want to watch video from tweet some other time or want to save links in tweets to interesting articles, all you can do by saving tweets to bookmarks for viewing later. In addition to bookmarking feature, more sharing options for Tweets has been always needed. So now, sharing and bookmarking tweet is just the matter of few clicks or taps.

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