Twitter Thread allows to express More Thoughts

Twitter Thread is an innovative way to express more. Many times tweet length is not enough to tell the whole story. Although Twitter has just doubled the character count of tweet to 280 characters. But still it may not help you, if content is long. For that case twitter thread play important role. It is useful in providing additional content or update to tweet. Even after posting a thread, we can add more tweets to the same thread for adding more information or updates. Read WhatsApp Tricks

Twitter Thread

What is Twitter Thread

Twitter thread is a series of tweets created in a serialized way posted by individual person. It is a creative way to post train of tweets that are connected to each other but still are individual. It lets us to express more thoughts through serialized tweets.

To connect your thought, Twitter provides easy way to post threaded tweets all at the same time. Even you can continue to add more tweets to posted thread in past.

When to Use twitter threads 

Connect your thoughts

You may have many thoughts about some topic that you want to express in tweet all at same time. Previously you needed to add new tweet or retweet to do so.

But now twitter thread allows connecting more than one thought in serialized manner. You can add your connected thoughts by creating thread to a tweet and publish them all at a time.

Consecutive longer Story

Although Twitter has just doubled the twitter character count but it doesn’t fits if you have longer story to express. By creating thread you can express your longer story in Serialized way.

Provide Ongoing Commentary

Do you want to reply to someone in your thread? You can just add another tweet to same thread for commenting and mentioning the person in your tweet

Add Update to a tweet

Suppose, you posted some thread in past about some software, some event or something else. Later you have an update for that posted tweet. Twitter allows to post more tweets to a created thread in past. You just have to tap on Add another tweet in thread detail page and easily you can post an update to tweet.

How to Create Twitter Thread :

  1. Draft new tweet by clicking on Tweet Button.  For Android, tap on Compose Icon. Enter your text to tweet.
  2. To create thread and to add tweet to that thread, click on “ +  “ icon. Enter your text. Further, you can add more tweets to this thread by clicking on + icon.Compose New Tweet
  3. If you want to delete any tweet click on delete icon.
  4. After finishing adding all tweets to this thread, click on Tweet all.Tweet Thread in Desktop
  5. Your tweet thread would look like this.Tweet Thread look

How to Add tweet to existing Thread –

  1. To open existing thread, click on show thread.Show Thread

Click on Add another tweet. Enter text and click on tweet.Add Another Tweet


Note : In your profile Timeline each thread will appear as a separate tweet in reverse order. Each tweet that is a part of thread will have an option ” show this thread ” to expand whole thread for full view.

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