How to Use Android Smartphone as Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Wi-Fi Hotspots are the wireless access points that provides internet connection to laptops, mobiles, tablets and more wirelessly. In public locations we generally don’t have any internet connection in our devices like laptop or tablet. At that time public Wi-Fi hotspots works like a charm. By connecting to Wi-Fi hotspot we can access the internet easily.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Sometimes in some places we don’t get access to any public Wi-Fi hotspot. But if you have smartphone with high cellular data connection and if data plan allows using this data as Wi-Fi hotspot then mobile cellular data can be used on other devices also. For that you have to just create mobile Wi-Fi hotspot on the smartphone. After connecting to this mobile Wi-Fi hotspot network you can access internet on laptop through mobile without any issue.

As devices connected to mobile Wi-Fi hotspot will be using mobile data, you will need to keep track on mobile data usage. If data usage exceeds per your cellular data plan, you may need to pay extra money. So pay extra attention on data usage. To do so you can either check with cellular data service or by looking into data usage on smartphone. Get it by navigating to Settings > Data usage. Here you can also set mobile data limit.

Turning On and Creating Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot lets to share its cellular data with other devices. By connecting to Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot you can easily access internet through Mobile on your laptop, tablet and other devices without using old methods of plugging through USB or Bluetooth. You don’t need to connect your phone one to one to other device. You can connect to internet on many devices all at once through mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. It is as simple as connecting to any Wi-Fi network.

Creating Mobile W-Fi Hotspot on Android smartphone is very easy. Follow these steps to do so.

  1. Open Settings in Android smartphone.
  2. Look for Tethering & Mobile Hotspot under Wireless and Network section. If you don’t find, tap on more.SettingsAndroid
  3. Tap on Tethering & Mobile Hotspot option. Under this section you will find Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Turn Wi-Fi hotspot On.WiFiHotspot
  4. As soon as you will turn on hotspot it will be activated within seconds and will be available to other devices too. To make hotspot secure you will need to set up password for Wi-Fi hotspot So that any unauthorized devices cannot access it. Setting password is very important step otherwise it will be a Open Wi-Fi Hotspot network and anyone will be able to access or hack the data you are transmitting.
  5. To setup Wi-Fi Hotspot tap on “Set up Wi-Fi Hotspot”. Give the Network Name. Set Security to WPA2 PSK option. It will let you to setup password. Create a password and save.Setup Wifi Hotspot

Connecting to Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot on Laptop and Other Devices

Connecting to mobile Wi-Fi hotspot is as simple as connecting to Wi-Fi network. Just go to wireless networks available on your device and find Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot. Enter the password and establish the connection. You will be connected to the internet easily on your device through your mobile.

Useful Recommendations while connecting to Wi-Fi Hotspot

  1. As cellular data used to have some data limit so whenever you connects the devices to Wi- Fi hotspot you should always pay extra attention to cellular data usage.
  2. While Creating Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot you should always follow security guidelines. If you are in some public place you must change or create new password while setting up Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspot on Android Smartphone. It will prevent unauthorized access to the network and your data will be safe.
  3. Using Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot drains out phone’s battery quickly. So Before using Mobile Wi-Fi hotspot you should always connect your phone to power plug to keep phone battery charged.

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