What is The Internet of Things? A Simple Explanation

The Internet of things (IoT) is a network of computing and mechanical devices, home appliances, animals, people or any other objects with the ability to identify, connect and transfer data with each others. Each object in IOT system is uniquely identifiable through its embedded electronics and sensors and is able to connect and transfer data with each other using Internet infrastructure.

How will Internet of Things (IOT) impact you?

So the first question comes in the mind is why on earth we want to connect all these devices and let them talk to each other. But there are many examples for which IOT system seems to have potential value. Imagine if all your devices and appliances in your home and office, your vehicles, your pets, etc. are connected to each other and you can check the status and control them using your mobile or tablet device by sitting anywhere in the world.

Another example is when you are on your way to office and if your car have access to traffic updates, it could prompt you if there is a heavy traffic on the way you are going and could suggest you an alternate route which has comparatively less traffic. What if your alarm clock wakes you up in the morning and and then it automatically notifies your coffee maker to start brewing coffee for you and then it also notifies your geyser to heat the water for your bath?

Considering these scenarios, the Internet of Things will have a potential impact on how we live and how we work.

the internet of things

Progress in the development of The Internet of Things (IOT)

Few years back the Internet of Things (IOT) was only in discussions as a potential area of development. But now with the availability of Wi-Fi feature in more and more devices and reachability of broadband internet across the world has made it a reality.

Some of the major companies working on IOT includes Hitachi, Samsung, GE, SAP, Huawei, Rolls Royce, Bosch, Dell, Cisco, etc.

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