WhatsApp Stickers : How to Send, Create Own Custom Stickers

Recently WhatsApp rolled out much awaited stickers feature for Android, iPhone as well as Jio Phones. Sticker feature is already available on many other social media platform and now it’s available on WhatsApp too. WhatsApp stickers have became trendy among its users. Expressing and communicating through Stickers in WhatsApp is easy and fun.  Its a new way to show your emotions on widely popular platform WhatsApp.

With the roll out of Stickers feature WhatsApp also launched few sticker packs designed by their own designers. Other than this it also added support for stickers developed by third party apps or custom stickers. You can even build Stickers app by yourself if you are good at app development with the help of sample apps as well as guidelines provided by WhatsApp for Stickers.WhatsApp Stickers

Stickers are already in trend on other social media platforms but many WhatsApp users don’t know that its now available for WhatsApp too. So In this article we will be covering how to use, send and create your own custom stickers.

What is WhatsApp Stickers

WhatsApp stickers is a new way to express and share your emotions. Things for which words are not enough can be expressed with WhatsApp stickers. Stickers are like emojis but with greater range of emotions and expressions. WhatsApp supports custom stickers that meets their requirements. So you can use third party apps for sticker packs or to create your own stickers or you can also build your own apps with the help of WhatsApp guidelines to create stickers.

How to Use or Send WhatsApp Stickers

To use WhatsApp, your phone must have latest WhatsApp installed. If you haven’t yet updated, first of all update WhatsApp then only you will see WhatsApp Stickers feature. For Sticker feature, your phone must have at least WhatsApp version 2.18.341 installed.

To use and send WhatsApp stickers here are the steps.

  1. Open any individual chat or group chat in WhatsApp.
  2. From text input field, tap on “Emoji” 🙂 icon and select “Stickers” icon.Stickers
  3. Tap on + icon to add stickers packs.
  4. Under “All Stickers” tab you sees stickers designed by WhatsApp. Tap on “Download” ↓  icon for Sticker packs that you want to use.
  5. Tap on “Back” ← button to go back.
  6. Once downloaded, find and tap on sticker that you want to send. Sticker will be sent automatically on just tapping it.Add Stickers
  7. You can send sticker packs that you have added by going to Emoji 🙂 >Stickers in text input field. All added packs get listed in tabs under stickers.
  8. For quickly accessing Stickers you can add them to “Favorites” tab. To Add sticker, long press on it and tap on “ADD” when it asks for “Would you like to add this sticker to favorites?”Add Stickers To Favorites

Besides stickers designed by WhatsApp, you can also use third party sticker apps. WhatsApp supports third party sticker apps that follow their guidelines. Here is how to use third party Sticker apps.

How to Add Sticker packs in WhatsApp

You can add sticker packs to WhatsApp developed by WhatsApp itself as well as Stickers packs by other third party apps. To add sticker packs by WhatsApp, open any WhatsApp chat and tap on text input field. Tap on Emoji icon> Sticker icon. Next tap “+” icon and from “All Stickers” tab download sticker pack that you want. Once downloaded, you can start sending stickers.

Another way is to add sticker packs from third party apps. You can download apps from “PlayStore” or Apple “AppStore” by searching “WAStickerApps” in search box. From installed app, select sticker packs and add them to WhatsApp. While adding to WhatsApp it would asks for permission. Grant the permission and sticker packs will be added to WhatsApp.

How to Delete Sticker packs From WhatsApp

You may want to delete WhatsApp pack that you are not using from WhatsApp. Deleting unused WhatsApp Sticker packs saves space in you phone. So its best to delete unwanted sticker packs from WhatsApp. Here are the steps to delete WhatsApp sticker packs.

  • Open any chat in WhatsApp and tap on text input field.
  • From text input field, tap on Emoji icon> Stickers icon.
  • Tap on + icon and select “My Stickers” tab. Go to the sticker pack that you want to delete and tap on delete icon showing next to sticker pack. Confirm deletion.

Third party Android Apps to send or create custom Stickers in WhatsApp

For Android, there are many apps in play store, that can be used for WhatsApp stickers. These apps provide Sticker packs which can be added to WhatsApp from third party app itself. On you installed the app, for adding sticker packs to WhatsApp from app you will have to grant permission  when it asks.

Other than Sticker packs few apps also grant you to make your own Sticker. With these apps you can easily create your own stickers.

To find app for sticker packs in play store, search for “WAStickerApps” or “WhatsApp Stickers” or “Stickers for WhatsApp”. If you want to create your own stickers, search for “Sticker maker for WhatsApp”.

Develop Sticker App for WhatsApp by yourself

If you want to create your own stickers, you can do so by packaging them in Android or iPhone apps. With following WhatsApp “Terms & Condition” and requirements provided by WhatsApp, you can build your own app for WhatsApp stickers.

Here is the Sample Code provided by WhatsApp that you can use to build app. Download the sample code. Once downloaded, you can look for WhatsApp Stickers requirements in detail in ReadMe file.

Sample Code for Stickers App


Obviously Stickers is really cool feature and now WhatsApp users can also use them. Third party support for stickers by WhatsApp remove stickers limitation. You can use many types of stickers that you want. You are not restricted for using only stickers designed by WhatsApp which is awesome.

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