WhatsApp tips and tricks to get expert in messaging

WhatsApp is a widely known app available on phones all over the world to offer easy, reliable and secure messaging and video calling service. WhatsApp is being extensively used all across the world. Over 180 countries, more than 1 billion people are using it in their daily social life. Many new features in WhatsApp have been added till now to ease messaging and calling and making it more secure. But many of the users don’t know about them.Here we are listing those  WhatsApp tips and tricks.WhatsApp Tips and Tricks

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks :

Use these WhatsApp tips and tricks to make use of WhatsApp in a quick, easy and effective way.

Express More With Stickers

Stickers in WhatsApp is a new way to express your emotions. WhatsApp stickers is in trend and you can send stickers designed by WhatsApp as well as other third party apps. To know more read Here.

WhatsApp Group Features:

WhatsApp group is a handy way to stay connected by joining together. Recently WhatsApp added new features to enhance Group usability and accessibility. Features like Group Catch up, Members Search, Group description makes Groups more powerful. Know more about these features here.

Read WhatsApp message without the sender knowing it:

Whenever you read the message, WhatsApp shows Blue tick marks to the sender, which verifies you have read the message. Although it’s a good feature but it has some downside too. Particularly if you don’t want to reply back immediately and sender sees you have read message but not replied, condition becomes awkward. To avoid such condition you can follow these tricks.

  1. When you get WhatsApp message on your phone, it shows in phone’s lock screen notification. If message is not too long, it can be seen right from notification screen without being sender knowing that you have read the message.WhatsApp Message Notification
  2. Other way is to either enable Aeroplane mode or turn Wi-Fi and mobile data off before opening WhatsApp to see messages. After this you can open the WhatsApp message. As now you are not connected to internet, WhatsApp will not be able to alert sender that you have read messages. Later whenever you will turn on data or disable Aeroplane mode, sender will be alerted that you have read message.
  3. Another permanent option is to disable Read Recipients option in WhatsApp privacy settings. To do so Go to WhatsApp menu > Settings > Account > Privacy. Scroll to find Read Recipient checkbox. Disable it.WhatsApp Read recipients

Know when your message was read :

WhatsApp allows you to know when your message was read by the recipient. The time in WhatsApp that you see next to the messages, is the time-stamp when message was delivered. But you can also know the time when your message got read. To know that time, tap and hold the particular message. Now click on message Info icon on the top. On the message info screen you can see the time stamp for both when message was read and when was delivered.Whats Message Read time

Replying to Individual Message (Quoting message in WhatsApp) :

New Reply feature allows to answering back a particular message in individual or group chat. This feature allows you to quote messages you want to respond.  To do so just tap and hold that individual message you want to respond. That message will be highlighted. Then Tap on reply button on top of the chat. It will quote that message, now reply and send that message.Quote WhatsApp Message For WhatsApp Web/Desktop, look for the drop-down icon on the right side of the message. Click on drop-down then click Reply.

Tag people in WhatsApp Group Chat:

WhatsApp is getting better every day. After introducing Quote/Reply feature it brought a new feature for WhatsApp Group chat. While chatting in group, now you can tag people just by typing @ before their name. To Tag People Type @ in message box of Group chat. After Typing @ WhatsApp will show suggestion, choose the person, type your message and send.WhatsApp Tag

Send Message to multiple friends in One Go ( Broadcast List ) :

WhatsApp’s Broadcast list feature is a way to send the messages to many of your desired contacts all at once, without selecting each of them one by one. Broadcast list is a saved list of contacts, to which you can send a particular message all at once in one go. Sent message will appear as normal message to all recipients. Unlike WhatsApp group where reply is visible to everyone in the group, in Broadcast, reply will be send to you only not to everyone in list. So only you can see those replies. In Broadcast List you can see which of the recipients have read your message which is not possible in WhatsApp Group. This WhatsApp feature is very useful if you don’t want message recipients to know about each other and yet you have to send message to all of them in one go without much effort. To create broadcast list go to Chats screen. Tap on menu. Select New Broadcast. Now Tap + or type the contacts name from contact list to choose recipients. Now tap on Done and then Create.WhatsApp Broadcast List

Hide Last seen on WhatsApp :

WhatsApp “Last Seen” feature lets you to know when particular person opened this app. This feature allows you to know when a person was active on WhatsApp. Sometimes we don’t want others to know when we accessed account. So WhatsApp provides the option in Settings to choose whether you want to hide Last seen from others or not. To hide Last seen Go to Settings, Choose Account, then Privacy. Look for the Last Seen option. Select it and on the next last seen screen choose whether you want to hide last seen from everyone or your contacts or to nobody. To hide last seen choose Nobody Option.lastSeen

Recovering Deleted Message :

Have you deleted WhatsApp chat accidentally or deliberately? But later you realized to get them back in your phone. WhatsApp works hard so that you never lose your chat. Yes, it’s possible if you have setup daily chat backup either in google drive or local. WhatsApp automatically creates local backup everyday that gets stored in your phone. So if you have messed-up with WhatsApp chat you have to simply uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp again. When again WhatsApp will be installed, you will be asked to restore all chat data and media from stored chat backup. Cheer up! Now you got all WhatsApp chats again.

WhatsApp chat Backup :

WhatsApp back up data locally every day. It saves your data as a file in phone. You can also backup data to Google drive. To setup go to settings>> chats >> chat backup.WhatsApp Chat Backup

Formatting WhatsApp messages :

You can format your WhatsApp messages very easily. WhatsApp allows italicizing, strike-through or bold the text.

Bold the WhatsApp Message :

For formatting message bold,  place Astrick ( * ) before and after the message .So format is — *Text*

Strike-through the WhatsApp Message :

For Strike-through message, place tild ( ~ ) before and after the message. Format is — ~Text~

Italicizing the WhatsApp Message:

For italicizing message, place underscore ( _ ) before and after the message. Format is — _Text_

MonoSpace the text in message :

To monospace the text in message, put three backticks before and after the message. Format is — “`Text“`

Starred Messages in WhatsApp to refer quickly :

WhatsApp messages can be starred so that you can refer them later quickly without looking through a long list of messages in chat. It’s just like bookmarking or pinning your messages. To look your favorite starred WhatsApp messages, go to WhatsApp menu and select starred messages. It will show all messages that you have been marked as starred. To star to messages tap on any message and hold. Click Star(*)  on the top bar of chat . Your message will be starred.

Use WhatsApp in a Web Browser or Desktop : 

WhatsApp can be synced and accessed from desktop or web browser also. To access WhatsApp on desktop you will need to download app from Download WhatsApp Desktop App For accessing from web browser Read –   Access WhatsApp from web browser

Sending Document, Location, Media or Contact in WhatsApp :

Through WhatsApp you can easily send documents, location, media or contact to your friends. WhatsApp allows maximum size of 100 Mb. For this open chat window then tap on paperclip for android or + sign for iPhone. It will show you options like document, location, camera, media, contact etc. Choose whatever you want.WhatsApp attachment

Hide Your Status and Profile from Strangers :

Many people don’t want that somebody, whom he or she doesn’t know, can see their status, profile or profile photo. WhatsApp keeps your privacy. It allows setting your status, profile, Last seen to everyone, your contacts only or to nobody at all. If you selected MyContacts option, it will let only your contacts to see your status, last seen or profile. To hide your status or profile, open WhatsApp and select menu. Tap on Settings >> Account >> Privacy. Now tap on anyone from last seen, status, about or profile picture. On the next screen choose from options Everyone, MyContacts, No body.

Share your live location :

WhatsApp live location sharing allows sending location in chat in real time for set duration. Other users of chat can keep track of your location dynamically on the map. In group if multiple persons have sent their location simultaneously, all of their location can be seen on the same map.

To know more read  Share your Live Location through WhatsApp.

Keep your favorite chats on top by pining :

You can always keep your favorite chats on top in WhatsApp. This WhatsApp tip is very useful. You no longer need to scroll through long list of your contacts chat. You can easily keep your favorite person’s chat on top by pinning them.

To do so open WhatsApp chats. Hold on your favorite chat to select them. You can select more than one chats. Now click on pin icon on top menu bar. Now you can see your favorite chats on top list.

WhatsApp pin meesage

Change WhatsApp Chat Background

WhatsApp allows to change chats background very easily. This way you can personalize the chat Wallpaper. To change chat background here are the steps.

  • Open WhatsApp app in your phone and go to “Settings”.
  • Go to “Chats” from Settings.
  • Tap on “Wallpaper” and choose background from Gallery or Solid Color. You can also download more wallpapers from WhatsApp Library by tapping on “WhatsApp Library”.


Hope WhatsApp tips and tricks you have learned above will make you messaging easy and effective.

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