WhatsApp Web Update includes new phone like Features

Recently Mobile messaging giant WhatsApp updated its WhatsApp Web which includes many new and exciting features. Now WhatsApp Web Update Includes more mobile like features which gives you more control on your chats, groups, manages profile on its web interface.

WhatsApp Web interface first launched in January lets users to use WhatsApp account on Web interface to chat with their friends on desktop, laptop, tablets but at that time it given only few options in simplistic ways. Good news is that WhatsApp Web Update has new features and functionality which makes you more comfortable in using WhatsApp on browsers.

whatsApp web update

Now Users can edit their profile photo and change their status. Some UI tweaks have also been included in this update. Users will also be able to delete one-on-one chats, archive them, mute them, and exit groups.

According to AndroidPolice.com,

There are keyboard shortcuts for each action, but these seem to be appearing and re-appearing sporadically. They’re probably still a work in progress. The contact and group info panes have received a small update. There are new big red buttons to delete chats or exit groups (this is the 3rd way of accessing these options, but it might be the clearest), and groups allow you to change their icon and status.

WhatsApp Web was only available for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Blackberry 10, Nokia S60, Nokia S40.It was not available for iOS devices. Still in this WhatsApp Web Update there is support for iOS devices which is a bad news for iOS users.

Still for using WhatsApp Web you should have at least one of browsers among Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox ,Opera and Safari (MacOs 10.8+ only). WhatsApp Web update does not include any support for Internet Explorer. So still you cannot open WhatsApp Web on Internet Explorer.

To get these WhatsApp Web update users does not need to do anything. Simply open your WhatsApp account in browser and these updates will be available to you as they are server-triggered.

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